Essay Writing Competition on “As A Peace Loving Global Citizen”

This inspiring story is sent to us by the Tirana CARP chapter in Albania. 

We started an essay competition together with Mrs. Suzana Rexhepi, the principal of a middle school in Tirana, Albania. Mrs. Rexhepi first came to Albania as a missionary and has continued her love and concern for the country by educating students. Outstanding students between the ages of 13-15 years old gathered to listen to a short presentation about CARP and the founder’s, Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s, autobiography titled, “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.”

These are the students and administrators of the essay writing competition based on Father Moon’s autobiography, “As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen.”

Students received awards for their essays.

Students were very excited to receive their own copy of the book. Their task was to read the book, reflect on it, and write an essay about any realization, inspiration, or determination they got from it.

The competition concluded in May and each student was awarded the title of being a “Peace Activist” for participating in the competition. The top three essays were chosen to receive prizes.
At the concluding ceremony, students shared how much they were touched by Father Moon’s life. In their essays, many expressed the desire to resemble Father Moon and promised to make good decisions for the future.

One student reflected, “He is a model, showing us that we should become Peace Loving Global Citizens ourselves.”

Another student remarked, “It taught me that I should love people, take care of nature, and be an altruist.”

Many quoted the famous motto Father Moon used, “Gain dominion over the self before you desire to dominate the universe.”

During the ceremony, one student shared that she had read the book three times and that her family and relatives had become very curious about the book after they had read her essay. She said that the book is currently being passed around to her relatives who are eagerly awaiting their turn to get a hand on the book. “I want to read it again and again,” she concluded.

Finally, we compiled all the essays to create a little booklet as a special memory for the school. Our hope is to invite these students to our local CARP centers and get them more involved with our activities in the near future.

This book is a great resource for young people to learn about character, concern for others, becoming global leaders, and loving God, the people, and the nation. We hope to continue using this book to inspire and encourage students to study, not just for their own benefit, but to make a greater contribution to society.

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