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Learning from Our Challenges

Written by Nina Urbonya

Naokimi Ushiroda, CARP America President, and myself recently attended a portion of the National Ocean Challenge Program (NOCP) in Kodiak, Alaska. NOCP teaches young adults deeply-rooted principles through fishing and ocean education. This year, the program hosted 36 participants from America, Russia, Japan, and Korea (the biggest and most diverse group so far!) for 21 days starting July 10.

Having grown up on an island, I love the ocean!

Having grown up on an island, I love the ocean! By fishing, I can also connect to the heart and vision of Father Moon.

Having grown up on an island (St. Lucia), the ocean holds a very special place in my heart. So, it was a great opportunity for me when CARP and Ocean Challenge decided to collaborate together to uphold Father Moon’s vision of training young people in a culture of heart.

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What’s My Purpose?

This ‘Student Perspective’ article is contributed by Yeol-Shim Bell, CARP’s summer intern.

God needs you to pursue your purpose.

Many people in the modern world live only for themselves and their own happiness. While some people may wish to only take or receive, true joy cannot come from self-centered pursuits. I often catch myself only wanting to read books, watch Netflix, or browse the internet. But, the world God has longed for will result when each person does what they are meant to do, not just what they want to do.


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Seattle STEPs UP!

edited_2Naokimi Ushiroda, the President of CARP America, recently visited the Seattle community from July 13-17. Here are a few insights from his trip.

On Wednesday, July 13th, I had dinner with the Seattle Family Church Assistant Pastor, Teddy Sylte. He invited me to meet other young adults that night at a weekly young adult gathering. Seattle, like many other large communities, has many young adults but hasn’t had consistent leadership to build a strong and engaged community. There are many bright young people in Seattle and Teddy has lots of hope for the future.

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Meet the Alumni, Chad Hoover

In honor of CARP’s 50th Anniversary, we bring you the story of one of CARP America’s earliest members, Chad Hoover, who also currently serves on CARP’s National Board of Directors. 

As a college student, the then-young Chad Hoover was searching for how to develop his spirituality. As a faithful Christian, he prayed for an opportunity to develop his heart for God and others. He took a sabbatical from his studies to pursue this calling and when he returned to school in 1975, he joined CARP in New York. There was a CARP Center at Columbia University which served as a place for students, like Chad, to pursue their studies and be part of a student movement.

“I was seeking a Christian community while in New York. I wanted to pursue my spiritual growth.”

Through CARP, Chad participated in weekend events and trainings that nourished not only his mind but also his heart. The day after he graduated, he also participated in the historic Yankee Stadium Rally where Father Moon gave the “America is God’s Hope” speech.

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CARP Liberia organizes TOP GUN workshop!

On June 15, 2016, CARP Liberia hosted a “Top Gun” leadership workshop in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The “Top Gun” leadership workshop was created in 2015 to gather the top students and train them to become global citizens. The first workshop was hosted in South Korea and gathered around 190 international youth. CARP-Liberia President, Fofee B.W. Siryon, attended “Top Gun” and was very inspired. He returned to Liberia and organized a similar program for the youth in his country.

Siryon explained that the training workshop gave young Liberians the necessary tools and resources to change society. The program included a 2-day intensive training for core leaders from two of the major universities in Gbarnga.

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The Spirit of CARP-Liberia

CARP-Liberia seeks to revitalize young people’s relationship with God, generate their spirit of compassion, involvement, and determination, and invest in the next generation’s career development. The three major goals of CARP-Liberia are: spiritual renewal, new moral commitment, and positive solutions to global injustice.

Local leaders were recently elected to lead the activities of CARP Chapters at Cuttington University (CU) and the Bong County Technical College (BCTC). Pastor Abraham, who was elected to lead the Cuttington University CARP chapter, said, “CARP’s goals and aspirations, which has to do with the spirit of God, motivated me to quickly join and take the message forward. To build a nation, one has to give their life. Hence I will do all that I can to recruit as many students as possible to form part of the international organization to reach to others.” Abraham shared that his goal is to recruit about 300 members from Cuttington University alone.


This “Top Gun” Workshop was featured in over 7 different news outlets online. You can check out a few of the articles here: All Africa, Front Page Africa Online

Takeaways from Top Gun Workshop Participants

  • “As members of CARP, we must take responsibility for our nation and bridge the gaps between diverse backgrounds, religions, and races.”
  • “We learned various techniques in conflict resolution. We learned that in order to resolve a conflict, we must first understand the conflict and its root. We must then take on a neutral role as a peacemaker by moderating conversations and creating solutions fit for the conflict.”
  • “Teamwork is crucial. It is much easier to solve conflicts when working as a team. By discussing issues as a team, we are able to learn from each other and create better solutions.”
  • “We could work on our relationship with God by better understanding the Bible.”
  • “There is need for harmony and coexistence between religion and science. Some people have great knowledge but they are misusing it and taking credit for themselves.”

Future Plans

President Fofee shared about plans to launch a High School Peace Club which focuses on character education. This club will aim to help students with their studies, career choices, and public speaking skills. Upon returning from the workshop, many inspired participants shared about the vision and core values of CARP with their peers. With such a positive response, many High School Peace Club members are  eager to be a part of local CARP chapters one day.

President Fofee is currently working on registering chapters as official organizations and being recognized on campus by the school administration. CARP Liberia is confident and hopeful in their positive impact on the lives of those at school, in the community, the nation, and the world at large.


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