Meet the Board: Tasnah Moyer

Written by Yeol-Shim Bell

We would like you to meet the youngest member of the CARP Board of Directors, Tasnah Moyer! Although young, she brings powerful leadership skills as an entrepreneur and she empathizes with college students’ experiences. She sees the potential that CARP can offer in its next chapter.

“Young people need a platform to express themselves, test their limits, and grow.”

The Making of a Leader

Tasnah, as a young 18-year old, chose to expand her perspective by attending a gap-year program, the Special Task Force (STF). Throughout her 3 years of service, she participated in door-to-door fundraising, service projects, and experiential learning to discover who she was, her purpose, and her connection to God and the world.

Tasnah re-unites with old STF friends at an Alumni Retreat.

Based on Father and Mother Moon’s philosophy of ‘One Family Under God,’ she developed a compassionate heart for others.

Transitioning into college at the University of Bridgeport (UB), Tasnah applied her experience and found ways to contribute to her campus and community. Tasnah served as the Secretary then President of the Student Government Association (SGA) where she oversaw the restructuring of the SGA Constitution.

She also assisted the faculty and university Dean in revamping the university’s Honors Program curriculum and collaborated with the SGA Board to promote educational programs on campus. Discussions spanned from gun violence on campus to religious freedom, poetry, and the arts.


Tasnah celebrates with her team during an STF activity.

During her time at UB, Tasnah also served as Youth Pastor for the Bridgeport Family Church community. She graduated top of her class in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in World Religion and gave the university-wide commencement address.

“If you feel the need and have the passion, you can make things happen.”                                                        

Raising a New Generation of Leaders

Throughout her experiences, Tasnah has shown how one person could positively change an entire community. She attributes her success largely due to her involvement with STF (now re-branded as Generation of Peace Academy or GPA) and continues to invest back into the program as the coordinator of the STF and GPA Alumni Association.

Tasnah recognizes gap-year program participants’ strengths, including their determination and ability to adapt to any environment. These graduates have developed their communication, relationship, and goal setting skills. Tasnah wants to empower these future leaders to share their unique perspective and use their skills to transform their campuses.

“As graduates leave the program, it can be valuable to have a network of support and a platform for continued growth and discovery. There is a plethora of resources that students can tap into, with ways to continue their leadership and contribute to a culture of living for something bigger.”

The CARP Board and Staff pose at their October 2015 Strategic Planning Retreat.

The CARP Board and Staff pose at their October 2015 Strategic Planning Retreat.

Bridging the Gap

In hopes of serving as a bridge connecting STF and GPA alumni to CARP, she accepted the invitation to join the Board in October of 2015. At their core, both organizations aim to serve and empower students and young adults. We’re excited for the potential of this partnership.

For six months, Tasnah stepped up as Interim Chair, inspiring the Board by her willingness to learn, serve, and harmonize. Using her skills as a former Student Government President, Tasnah facilitated Board discussions and gave genuine feedback to the CARP staff.

Since March, Tasnah has been serving as a Board Director and a member of the Board’s Membership and Programming Committee, an area in which she feels excited to contribute her experience.

Tasnah hosted the "Thrive" workshop in Chicago for gap-year alumni and other young adults.

Tasnah hosted the “Thrive” workshop in Chicago for gap-year alumni and young adults.

She continues to invest her time and energy into CARP so gap-year alumni and other young adults can have an awe-inspiring college experience. She also travels around the country to speak to and facilitate young adult workshops.

Making a Difference Wherever She Goes

When Tasnah isn’t juggling her responsibilities with the STF and GPA Alumni Association or her wedding planning business, you can find her either relaxing in Philadelphia, hiking a breathtaking mountain, enjoying adventures with her family, creating artistic pieces with her sister, playing ultimate frisbee, or connecting to others.

The Moyers: Hans, Tasnah, Kyra, Felicitas, and Kolya

The Moyers: Hans, Tasnah, Kyra, Felicitas, and Kolya

Tasnah, you’ve already accomplished so much and we can’t wait to see what else you dream up. Thank you for your heart of service and for stepping up as a powerful, young woman leader! The world needs more people like you.

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