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We Mature through Pursuing Goodness

This past month, Katya Beebe explored what it means to pursue truth and pursue beauty as part of one of CARP’s principles, “we mature through pursuing truth, beauty, and goodness.” Here’s an academic perspective on the pursuit of goodness.


“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” This quote by philosopher Henry David Thoreau captures the real essence of what goodness is really worth – a guaranteed impact.

GOODNESS – “the nutritious, flavorful, or beneficial part of something”

An act can be considered good when it establishes a harmonious and beneficial service to something or someone. Pursuing goodness in the midst of our education is important in the long game if we want to see a good impact on this world as a result of our actions.

Every field of study has an avenue of goodness, but it may not always be easy to identify. I was drawn to the field of international relations as a result of my desire to understand and apply diplomacy in my career.

Steps at Goodness Outside the Classroom

10603690_749125788458827_8295287906672539519_nMaking friendly connections with the Russian youth during a summer workshop in 2014. 

Growing up in Moscow, I could see the animosity between people of my native country of America and those of my adopted country of Russia. My international relations degree would help me to make a good impact as I discovered more about the intricate nature of both countries and where there were opportunities for amelioration.

I took the opportunity to go back to Russia during my studies in order to immerse myself in the practice of diplomacy on a smaller scale. As an American who can speak the Russian language, I decided to attend a small workshop with Russian youth where I could undergo a sort of Russo-American exchange.  

The field of international relations as well as people of different countries can benefit from my dedication to this good outcome.


TRY IT: Ask yourself these three questions to rate the goodness in whatever you pursue in your education:

  • Does my area of study lead to improvement in people’s lives, whether in increasing access to opportunity, healthy living, education, wealth, etc.?
  • Does my area of study contribute to a broader network of systems that improves people’s lives?
  • Does my area of study bring joy to myself and others?

These three questions are just a few suggestions to help you start thinking about the goodness you can help create in a specific area of study. Pursuing goodness enables you to not only develop a positive reputation for your field, but also gives you the opportunity to make your life a real contribution to this world.  

Change the World the Way You Know


“Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the world.” As Nelson Mandela’s quote goes, these three aspects of education – pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness – encompass a basic formula for changing the world.

Engage with this core principle in your education by applying a dynamic approach to your learning. Maturity is a process – take part in that process and you will be amazed where life takes you.  

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Promoting CARP Montreal on Campus

A story submitted by the CARP Montreal chapter at University of Montreal, Canada.

uni_montrealUniversity of Montreal campus in the fall foliage.

After all these planning meetings, it was time to take action!

For months now, the CARP Montreal chapter has been preparing to launch and promote itself on campus. Each team member worked hard towards a successful launching. They made sure no minute detail was left out — flyers, business cards, social media outreach, reservations, etc.

“We didn’t know how it would turn out, who would show up, or what the response from the students would be. But we just went forward with faith.”Nathan Bellow, CARP Montreal member

Every time things got challenging, the CARP Montreal team reminded themselves of their mission to empower students and raise them into future leaders through the Unification Principles in order to make the world a better place.

Nathan explained, “It gave us strength and kept us motivated.”

Finally, on Friday September 30th, the team set up a stand on campus and promoted their CARP chapter for a good two hours.

img-20161003-wa0001Enthusiastic CARP Montreal members on campus promoting their CARP chapter.

“Fridays are usually pretty quiet because not so many students have classes. But it was a good opportunity for us to see how it is and how we can create an attractive stand.” – Nathan

The few students that came up to the stand seemed very interested, but shy as well. One gentleman looked toward the CARP representatives and gently asked, “Hello. Can I take a look at the flyer?” Then a few seconds later, he popped out another question, “Can I take it with me, please?” At least the flyer sparked an interest.

Soon after, a girl came up and asked what CARP was all about. Nathan gave her a brief introduction to CARP’s goals and activities and she seemed very impressed. “Oh! That’s really interesting. I’ve been attending this university for the past two years, but I’ve never heard of such a club before!” She enthusiastically signed up to become a member of the club.

This was like a practice round. Monday October 3rd was the big show day. It was the perfect day to promote CARP because the campus was buzzing with activity and there were many students. Candy lined the CARP stand, inviting fellow students to take a look.



Some people came up to the stand just to grab one of the flyers. They seemed very busy. Others had more time and it allowed for more interesting conversations with the CARP members.

One particular student saw the banner full of famous figures with the invitation to Become the next beacon of hope! and came up smiling to ask, “So how can we become the next symbol of hope?”

Some students took pictures of the banner, feeling inspired and happy. Even some teachers came up to the stand with curiosity and wide smiles across their faces. Everyone that came to check out the stand seemed pleased and inspired by CARP’s activities.  

The CARP Montreal members enjoyed having all these interesting interactions with students on campus.

At the end of the day, Nathan was happy, “We can tell that our banner is really attracting people. It is big and everyone can see it. It’s as if it’s directly attracting the people who have good values and a strong desire to change the world.”

CARP Montreal is just getting started. Let’s cheer them on!

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Meet the Staff: Justin

Written by Yeol-Shim Bell

A tribute to Justin Okamoto as he moves on from CARP to pursue new opportunities overseas. 


We are happy to introduce Justin Okamoto, CARP’s Life and Leadership Coach. The realest guy you’ll meet, Justin has shown initiative and heart throughout his past twelve months with CARP America. His vision is to create an authentic and free global family!

In July 2013, Justin took on the Westrock Young Adult Ministry. He knew the youth in Westrock, New York felt disconnected and disengaged. As the middle child of five, Justin highly values a family atmosphere. He wanted his spiritual brothers and sisters to feel close and supported.

Though Justin often felt like he was learning on the job, he wanted to reinvigorate the people of his community.

What’s up, CARP?!

grandcanyonJustin at the Grand Canyon while on a road trip with friends to see the country. 

It was the winter of 2013 when Justin was invited to a CARP workshop. Justin was so impressed with what CARP was creating that he established a CARP chapter in Westrock soon after.

In the autumn of 2014, Justin sought to expand his personal potential through a seminar with an educational company called Landmark Worldwide.

“People who had a recurring problem over the past 20 years were able to completely turn their life around. It was mind blowing. I wanted to have that effect on others.”

In the summer of 2015, Justin passed on the presidency of the Westrock CARP chapter so he could attend a ‘Global Top Gun’ leadership workshop in Korea. Based on his enthusiasm and willingness, he was invited to join CARP’s staff soon after. 

I see you CARP!

justin-talkJustin giving a talk on active listening at University of Bridgeport. 

“The job seemed made for me. It fit me perfectly; I filled all the requirements.”

In this past year, Justin has aimed to help people topple fear, see themselves differently, and achieve the potential they had all along.

“It can take one conversation for someone to become a change maker. It takes leaders to change the world. Pursuing the ideal world that True Parents want motivates me in my work and my daily life. Thanks True Mother!”

His hom(i)e life.

justinkazuhaJustin and Kazuka on a date at Central Park in NYC. 

Justin and his beautiful wife, Kazuka, have been married for more than three years. They will be moving to Japan in November to fulfill Justin’s dream of living in a foreign country and to spend time with his in-laws. Justin hopes to continue opening people’s minds to worlds of possibilities by introducing principled coaching in CARP Japan. He may be back in a few years so keep your eyes open to what this dynamic young man will do in the world!

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We Mature through Pursuing Beauty

Two weeks ago, Katya Beebe explored what it means to pursue truth as part of one of CARP’s principles, “we mature through pursuing truth, beauty, and goodness.” Here’s part two of the series with an academic perspective on the pursuit of beauty.


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” As the proverb goes, each and every one of us considers beauty differently and subjectively according to our own experience and interest. 

BEAUTY – “the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind”

In every educational pursuit, there needs to be an appreciation or curiosity that acts as an emotional stimulant. Beauty, then, is the emotional response. To be able to recognize the beauty in your area of study is to be able to embody it wholeheartedly, with an active and creative mind.

Seeing beauty in my studies.

unThe United Nations in New York City engages in international relations with most of the world’s nations. 

International Relations is what keeps me on my toes, challenges my concepts, and inspires further research and self-learning. My interest in this area of study started with a love for foreign languages and experiencing other cultures at home and abroad.

My emotional stimulant is the beauty I see in different cultures interacting with one another, opposing worldviews finding common ground, and public policies improving people’s lives.

Often the perpetrator behind our educational deficits is lack of motivation. Like still water that turns murky, stale, and unattractive over time, a specific field of study without constant emotional stimulus leads to a stale application of that discipline.

Beauty sustains motivation.

carrot_motivationWe create the motivations to perform certain tasks with our minds. 

To become an innovator in your field, you need to engage with it every day. Like anything, it takes time to know your subject matter, to know your place in it, and to know where you can make the most impact. See the beauty in your field of study and you will be motivated to engage with it on a daily basis.

On the daily, I am drawn to the news. My motivation for my studies stemmed from my understanding of what was happening in the world because I really cared and was impacted by these global events.

I noticed that whenever I found a connection between a case study and a current event or an in-depth analysis of a country’s policies, I was motivated. Motivated to understand the content in and out of the classroom.

Let’s state the importance of this.

workA good portion of our time is spent on a specific subject matter, whether in school or in a job.

Why does it matter to recognize the beauty in your area of study? College is four years of your life. A career can be for a lifetime. It makes sense to think about where you are putting your time and whether it is the best use of your time.

We need enjoyment in every aspect of lives, and that includes in our careers. Whether you would be working a nine-to-five office job or somewhere on the field, you will be spending many of your waking hours invested in this work. Make sure the work or the industry is something that you find consistently interesting with room to grow.

TRY IT: Keep a journal recording what intrigues you in your studies, find connections between your studies and your personal life experiences, and research how your subject matter can enrich your life not only now but in 5, 10, or 20 years to find its unique beauty and appeal to you. 

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There’s No Time Machine So Remain Present

This ‘Student Perspective’ article was contributed by CARP’s intern, Yeol-Shim Bell.


Our bodies are not time machines.

How much time every day do you spend thinking about things you could have done or things you need to do? Though our minds can travel through time, our bodies cannot. But, many school days we try to propel our bodies through time to the next task or backwards in time to correct our mistakes.

ezgif-com-video-to-gif-3We often see time as something God has rationed to us rather than something given to us. How much time can we get with friends or family? Why didn’t that professor give me more time to respond? Why did I give myself so little time to cram for that test?

Our Heavenly Parent tries to love us every moment of every day through large and small acts. Many of us rarely notice when our Heavenly Parent pours His love through people’s kindness, the beauty of our campuses, and the enigmas we unravel as we study.

Practicing awareness of our Heavenly Parent’s acts or expressions of love allows Him/Her to comfort and encourage us.

Especially when we need support the most (like during stressful times), we should try to be aware of the love around us.

We all need the love our Heavenly Parent gives.


The latter part of my junior year in high school was very strenuous for me. I studied from morning to night. I often forgot to eat; I slept late and woke early.

Though it was spring, I barely saw the vivid flowers or felt the cool breeze. My back and neck would be in pain when I moved, and I got headaches constantly. I built up a wall in my heart to prevent my loved ones from seeing how weak I felt.

Though I sometimes stopped to smell the roses growing in my family’s garden, my mind was always either racing to my doubts about the future or stuck in insecurities about my past. I put up a facade of having everything under control though it felt like everything was falling apart.

How I chip away at the wall I built.

I began practicing my preferred awareness technique: meditation. Sitting in lotus position or on a chair, I counted my breaths and listened to the sounds surrounding me. I constantly had to bring myself back to the present, but processing with each of my five senses weakened the wall I had built around myself.

Once I started consciously noticing the wonders in God’s creation and in God’s children, I was comforted in knowing that I was endlessly loved by an eternal parent. Fine-tuning my senses also clarified for me how God could love people through me.

We are like instruments that need to be tuned.


We convey the love of God to others like instruments emit music. When we are not used to conveying such profound feelings, sometimes we need to realign ourselves with God.

One way, we can do this is by practicing our awareness of God’s love.

Though I prefer meditation, playing guitar, practicing yoga, or doing any sport that focuses my mind has helped me develop my awareness. If my mind starts to time travel, I calmly return myself to the present time.

We are alive right now.


The journey to awareness has unique stepping stones for everyone. One thing we have in common though, is the free will God has imbued within each of us.

You have an infinity of choices at your fingertips at every moment. The vastness of possibilities can be difficult to comprehend, but God trusts us to choose our own path.

Choosing to feel God’s support in our life journey can help us make smart, balanced, and happy decisions.

Here are 1 , 2, and 3 lists of reasons to give meditating a try!

One of God’s gifts is music. It’s never too late to learn!

Here’s an app that I’ve been using.

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