Meet the Staff: Justin

Written by Yeol-Shim Bell

A tribute to Justin Okamoto as he moves on from CARP to pursue new opportunities overseas. 


We are happy to introduce Justin Okamoto, CARP’s Life and Leadership Coach. The realest guy you’ll meet, Justin has shown initiative and heart throughout his past twelve months with CARP America. His vision is to create an authentic and free global family!

In July 2013, Justin took on the Westrock Young Adult Ministry. He knew the youth in Westrock, New York felt disconnected and disengaged. As the middle child of five, Justin highly values a family atmosphere. He wanted his spiritual brothers and sisters to feel close and supported.

Though Justin often felt like he was learning on the job, he wanted to reinvigorate the people of his community.

What’s up, CARP?!

grandcanyonJustin at the Grand Canyon while on a road trip with friends to see the country. 

It was the winter of 2013 when Justin was invited to a CARP workshop. Justin was so impressed with what CARP was creating that he established a CARP chapter in Westrock soon after.

In the autumn of 2014, Justin sought to expand his personal potential through a seminar with an educational company called Landmark Worldwide.

“People who had a recurring problem over the past 20 years were able to completely turn their life around. It was mind blowing. I wanted to have that effect on others.”

In the summer of 2015, Justin passed on the presidency of the Westrock CARP chapter so he could attend a ‘Global Top Gun’ leadership workshop in Korea. Based on his enthusiasm and willingness, he was invited to join CARP’s staff soon after. 

I see you CARP!

justin-talkJustin giving a talk on active listening at University of Bridgeport. 

“The job seemed made for me. It fit me perfectly; I filled all the requirements.”

In this past year, Justin has aimed to help people topple fear, see themselves differently, and achieve the potential they had all along.

“It can take one conversation for someone to become a change maker. It takes leaders to change the world. Pursuing the ideal world that True Parents want motivates me in my work and my daily life. Thanks True Mother!”

His hom(i)e life.

justinkazuhaJustin and Kazuka on a date at Central Park in NYC. 

Justin and his beautiful wife, Kazuka, have been married for more than three years. They will be moving to Japan in November to fulfill Justin’s dream of living in a foreign country and to spend time with his in-laws. Justin hopes to continue opening people’s minds to worlds of possibilities by introducing principled coaching in CARP Japan. He may be back in a few years so keep your eyes open to what this dynamic young man will do in the world!

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  • Greg


    Way to go Justin. Your destiny had called. You’ll be amazed and…amazing!


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