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Studying the Inner Habits of a Global Citizen

Contributed by Gabriela Von Euw and Junta Naito 

Updates from CARP Bay Area! 


“Men become builders by building and lyre players by playing the lyre; so too we become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.” -Aristotle

On March 6, we hosted guest speaker, Bento Leal, to present on the theme of nourishing our relationships. He emphasized that cultivating “our relationship garden” takes effort and consistency, and the building of good habits.

Moving forward, the focus of this semester’s campus programs will be – the practice of inner habits of a global citizen, and today’s meeting introduced that theme. Erika Gordon opened the program with a talk titled “Habits of the Heart” which was followed by reflection and pair shares. Erika emphasized the importance and value of creating habits in our daily lives to strengthen and grow our hearts and character.


When looking at the role models in your life, how do you think they became who they are? To become who we aspire to be, to be strong and confident in who we are, Erika expressed the importance of the inner mindset we carry and how that impacts the quality of our actions – or practice of good habits – towards positive change.  

We may feel stuck at times in our lives and wonder how can get to where we want to be. Action with a clear inner intention is how we get there. We will continue to go over each of the inner habits in becoming a global citizen every Tuesday on campus and encourage everyone to share their experiences in working towards creating these habits.


This past weekend, the CARP core team came together and created “CARP games.” The purpose is for students to share how they are practicing the inner habits of a global citizen in their daily lives, as discussed at the CARP campus programs.

Students are invited to participate in the games by joining the CARP Games Facebook page and making a post with an explanation and picture about how they were able to practice the inner habits they are working on. Through this action step, we hope to be a source of encouragement and support to one another as we grow our character and heart to be global citizens and the people we aspire to be.

Inner Habits of a Global Citizen:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Power of Words
  3. Reflection
  4. Silence(Meditation, Prayer, etc.)
  5. Mentorship
  6. Challenging Your Limitations
  7. Service
  8. Healthy Relationships

Join CARP Bay Area and challenge yourself to practice your inner habits! 

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CARP CSN Shares Values, Finds Allies

Contributed by Ryota Naito


On February 22, CARP College of Southern Nevada (CSN) participated in club fair for the Spring Semester. Although this was only our second semester participating in club fair, we were familiar with many of the other clubs on campus.

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Throughout club fair, we reached out to other clubs to collaborate and support for our upcoming “Campus Talk” event, a follow up to the one we held last semester. This time our theme will be “Sex and Morality.” As daunting as it was to bring up that topic especially on campus, many clubs responded positively and fully agreed that today’s culture needs to change its attitudes on sex.

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Surprisingly, the newest members of CARP CSN were the most active in reaching out and manning the booth. Many of them helped each other by encouraging each other to reach out. One brother from Generation Peace Academy (GPA) came to Las Vegas the night before but did everything he could to support the team. These members’ spirit of genuinely wanting to give and share our message to the passing students invigorated our atmosphere.

88828803UNLV Tribe Talk at the CARP Learning Center in Las Vegas. 

After club fair was over, several of the new CARP students at CSN carpooled together to join UNLV’s weekly “Tribe Talk”. Visiting the CARP Learning Center provided an opportunity for our new members to experience what CARP stood for through our community. These experiences also enabled us to realize that there are people waiting to respond and contribute to world peace.

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Nurturing Your Relationship Garden

Contributed by Gabriela Von Euw


“The master of the garden is the one who waters it, trims the branches, plants the seeds and pulls the weeds.” ~ Vera Nazarian, Author

On President’s Day, February 19, three clubs from Chabot Community College gathered to clean up and beautify the garden at Chabot. This effort was a restorative one; the garden, now covered in weeds, used to be blooming with flowers and vegetables and provided a place for students to hang out in nature.


The project was hosted by Revolutionaries Advocating for Greener Ecosystems (RAGE), an environmental club focused on sustainable practices through community service and lead by president Sasha Durst. Sasha is also the club president for the other participating club, Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society (AGS) which is focused on community service and academic excellence.

CARP joined the service to beautify Chabot and to connect with other clubs on campus.


As a group, we split the garden into sections to weed and taking out the unnecessary plants that were taking over the area. We worked in spite of the cold, both with our hands and with tools. One of the professors came out and taught us more about gardening and about the importance of preparing the soil to provide the most nutrients for vegetables. We planted buckwheat and sweet pea  to enrich the soil in preparation for growing.

Each club got their own location to plant. This project will be a continuing one throughout the year as we continue to take care of the garden, both in preparation and in planting.


Just as garden care takes a lot of time and investment in all areas such as nourishment and preparing the soil, planting seeds, watering and attending the garden, our relationships are the same. Through this project we hope to build and strengthen our relationships within our community and become a positive impact on our campus. 

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