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Welcome to our Re-Designed Site!

We’re still working through a few technicalities but the site should be up and running in no time! It will also have bonus features, stories, and promo videos!

Please be patient with us as we finish the final details. 

Come back soon!


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More Information on the Upcoming Officer’s Training!

 Here’s some more information about the upcoming CARP Officer’s Training that will take place at the University of Bridgeport from January 3rd to 10th, 2014. 

It will be cold in the Northeast so bring plenty of warm clothes! Also bring some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty for an epic paintball/laser-tag tournament. Just saying- be prepared.  😉

We look forward to seeing you there!

carp flyer cot 12-17

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Back to Bridgeport

Waaaaaaaay back in November, CARP HQ took the train up to Bridgeport, CT to chill with some students at le Cafe Scribe. Here’s who we found!

Wendy Wang is a Libra and Mass Communications Major.

Evan is a Libra and is currently studying Industrial Design

Juergen is an Aquarius and an IPEAD Major (international politics economy and diplomacy)

Mike Giampaouli - Sign: Scorpio -- Major: Accounting

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