“Healthy Relationships” by Alban Gaval

He’s the CARP President at his college, he helped coordinate and host the NY Regional Training gathering 5 CARP chapters together last month, he’s the eldest of 7 children, AND he wants to make a difference in the world. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Learn more about this awesome guy with this week’s featured Student Spotlight!

alban gaval

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“Integrity” by Eric Roschuni

This week for our CARP Student Spotlight, we’re featuring…


ERIC ROSCHUNI. He is a business student attending Prince George’s Community College and is transferring to the University of Maryland, College Park this fall. He’s an avid reader and is committed to self-improvement – he’s even been working on mastering his own time management system! His CARP talk reflects his great story-telling and entertainment ability (did you know he has the special ability to make trumpet sound effects? So cool!). He challenges us to think about Integrityis it doing the right thing…or doing the thing right?

See Eric’s CARP Talk on Integrity HERE.

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“Healthy Relationships” – by Eamon Pickard

hunter eamonMy name’s Eamon. I’m 22 years old and a super senior at Hunter College in Manhattan, finishing a B.A./M.A. in physics, a B.A. in Music, and a minor in math with an education track (wow- anything he can’t do?!?). I transferred twice and I’m a commuter student. 

I’m the type of person who does it all at once- mostly because that’s how I work best. I love people so I try to help out in any way I can in my spare time. I also want to have an impact in my campus so I got involved with CARP and am also the College Senate Vice-Chair to help make great new policies. 

CLICK HERE to Check out Eamon’s CARP Talk Video

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