HK Stephens is Recognized in Student Newspaper for Being Awesome.

Heungkook “HK” Stephens is uncommon in many ways. 


He is married. He is a youth minister. He has a 4.0 GPA. He is the 2012 student commencement speaker. He once rode a bicycle from College Park to Ocean City. He loves modern dance. He has been receiving awards, like the Banneker/Key Scholarship, for as long as he can remember.

But one of the most unique things about the senior civil and environmental engineering major is his desire to use his degree for altruistic projects; his dream is to bring clean drinking water to impoverished countries like Bangladesh.

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CARP Intern is Featured in Local Newspaper!

She saw a possibly horrific future in the Asian eyes of a 5-year-old girl. Later, she saw the heartbreaking results in those who had seen that play out into a terrible reality.

During her recent three-week public service trip to Thailand, Felicia Bratti became painfully aware of the toll of human trafficking.

The 20-year-old Bollinger County resident joined a group of teenagers from the Unification Church as part of its Generation Peace Academy, a gap-year program between high school and college. The group, which included adult church leaders, divided its time between the cities of Chiang Rai and Bangkok, working first at a school geared toward preventing child exploitation and later for an organization that cares for victims of Thailand’s massive sex trade.

“It’s not something you see a lot out in the open when you go there,” Bratti said. “Most areas look like a business district of a city. People obviously know it’s there. But you don’t hear about it from your average person.”

Felicia Bratti, a member of Generation Peace Academy, traveled to Thailand for three weeks to work at a school geared towards preventing child exploitation and to care for victims of sex trafficking.

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This I Believe : Justine Spicciani

I believe in a table set for all. The magic starts from anytime between five to seven in the evening. I hear the musical cling of each dinner plate being placed on top of our dining room table, not long after I hear my mom’s familiar old British voice call out, “sup’s up!” I hear her echo it a few more times, somehow my dad hears her call and he turns off jeopardy which is playing on an unnaturally loud volume. Some of us come in running, some of us come in lazily, it depends how hungry we are.  My three brothers and I gather into our dinning room and take a seat waiting impatiently for each other. My dad sits at the head of the table and offers a prayer.  He prays enthusiastically and adds in a clever remark that he’ll laugh at before ending with an “amen.” Then we eat.

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This I Believe : Aaron Roppoli

Jump a Bush

It is an unavoidable truth that many people suffer from the schedule that can steal freedom and seem to restrict a persons’ character with its repetitiveness. I wasn’t spared from falling victim to the monotony of a schedule. My schedule was the typical one of waking up, going to school, going to work, studying, then going to sleep in order to recharge my body so I could do it all again. It controlled me to the point that my body could go through the day even if it didn’t have a brain. Many times I find myself at home after the 40 minute drive from college and think back on the trip and struggle to remember most of it because of the powerful effect of a boring schedule. But I believe that I can include fun into my life and also break the tight grip that schedules can take on me by doing small actions to change life from a recurring nightmare into an awesome experience.

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Just Some Friendly Advice for Finals~

If you’re a college student, you probably don’t need us to tell you that finals are just around the corner.  In fact, shouldn’t you be studying right now instead of perusing our blog for its (lack of) updates?  Get back to work!  Just kidding, we’re ecstatic you dropped by and we just happen to have something to help you get past that hurdle standing between you and the freedom of summer vacation.  Recently, we put our heads together and brainstormed some study tips to include in our care packages but if by chance you haven’t signed up or been signed up for our shipment of free goodies, we agree that shouldn’t stop you from potentially benefiting from our hopefully helpful advice.  Just promise to do yourself a favor next time and sign up for a CARP care package.  As with most things we produce at CARP, our study tips are much more enjoyable with a mouthful of cookies.~   Continue Reading