Days 12 – 15: The Final Hours


Day 12

After more than a week in Korea, the trip participants were ready to head back to Japan. They packed their stuff and all headed out to Incheon International Airport where their flight was waiting. Despite the exhaustion of travelling, the participants were buzzing with excitement and used the last bit of travel as a buffer into their next adventure.  

Day 13

After the many inspirations and blessings everyone had received throughout this trip, we took some time to separate into CARP chapters to make determinations and goals! Everyone felt strongly to build up their CARP chapters or even to start a chapter at a new campus to further True Parents’ vision. Larger and more experienced chapters held lengthy discussions about how to incorporate their experiences into the new year. 
Not only did this serve as a bonding experience, but all chapters and individuals had a chance to reflect as well. 
J-CARP also came to teach the MuJoGeon dance to CARP America who were asked by True Mother to perform at the Madison Square Garden event on July 15. Learning the dance in just a few hours was a challenge, but they managed it well and performed it for President Tokuno and President Motoyama and his wife later that day. While they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, President Tokuno asked CARP America to continue to practice so that it will be at the “completion level” during the final performance. 
Afterward, CARP America performed at an Open Mic night as part of the last full night together as a trip. 
Day 14
After a long two weeks of sharing ideas, values, and other internal guidance, the students from America could have a fun-filled day at Disneyland! They split into groups and enjoyed the attractions and rides and bought many souvenirs. They even performed MuJoGeon in front of Cinderella’s Castle. 
Day 15
Our closing ceremony was not without tears as everyone said good-bye to one another and gave gifts of appreciation to their staff. Naoko Hiraki gave a testimony about her experience in CARP and gave words of encouragment in our coming year.  We sincerely thank everyone who supported us and encouraged us along this trip including parents, educators, donors, and friends. We hope this trip has inspired all the students from both continents and we hope to bring an even stronger determination into the next semester! 
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Day 11: Meeting with CARP Co-Founder Mother Moon

During our stay in Korea, we stayed at the Hyo Jeong Cheon Won Training Center (formerly known as the Cheong Pyeong Training Center). The peaceful atmosphere was refreshing and participants were able to take time to meditate and pray. In the morning, we went up to the Tree of Blessing to pray and reflect. We also heard a lecture from Mr. In Pyo Moon about how the spirit world works.

CARP America was incredibly blessed to meet with Mother Moon on this trip. Initially intended to be just a pilgrimage to the Cheon Jeong Gung Peace Palace, Mother Moon invited us to a luncheon together with her since she wanted to meet the American students. 
The K-CARP President had told Naoko Hiraki what an incredible blessing it was. Usually, Mother Moon does not meet members unless they number in the 1000’s, but she wanted to meet our mere 120 students in an intimate setting in her home. 
When she came to see us, Mother Moon opened with words of love strongly urging the American students to fulfill America’s responsibility in recognizing and providing an environment for True Parents. She shared that although she wanted to praise us, she felt she needed to focus on pushing us forward to finish God’s providence in America. CARP America shouted with agreement. 
During the lunch, we ate Heaven G Burger and sat with Mother Moon while CARP America gave presentations about CARP including personal testimonies from Jermaine Bishop and Naoko Hiraki and a few words from CARP America President, Teresa Rischl. Afterwards, CARP performed for Mother Moon with such sincerity that many tears flowed from the CARP students. 
“It was my dream to perform Hyo Shim for True Mother.” – Hana Kitamura
Afterwards, Mother Moon treated us with Apple Heaven’s performances, like a personal concert, that had everyone in high spirits. We ended the day with a commemorative photo and a promise to triple our membership next year. 
Thank you to True Parents for this wonderful opportunity. We love you!
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Day 10: Rallying for the Reunification of the Two Koreas

단체사진2우리의소원 합창
As future leaders of the world, we are responsible for understanding and caring about the world’s problems. CARP students got to do just that by going to the Korean Congress building to rally for unification of North and South Korea. Joined by Korea or K-CARP and political leaders in Korea, CARP America represented by Jermaine Bishop, Joshua Holmes, and Naomi Froehlich, offered a speech about the need for this reunification and how it can happen. 

Read their speech here

Their speech was followed by a speech from a J-CARP and a K-CARP member. This was symbolic to represent the unity between the three nations in a rally for peace specifically on the Korean peninsula. 


After the rally, CARP America joined K-CARP in an exchange program involving testimonies and presentations from the K-CARP President who is also the first woman to witness to 430 people in CARP. The K-CARP President opened with remarks about how vital Korea was and how Americans can support.
Then, a K-CARP member gave a testimony about a condition the members are doing together – proclaiming True Parents on the streets. She explained how at first she was scared, but she overcame her fear through the realization that True Parents need her and that she loves them. There was no room for shame in this context. Through these presentations, CARP America was able to inherit the heart and the strong determination that K-CARP embodied.
IMG_0710 (1)
Afterwards, the two CARP groups ate together and performed for one another, making everyone laugh and cry and experience one other as one family. In true CARP fashion, it was loud, rambunctious, and full of love. 
“Language was a big barrier for me, but meeting with K-CARP made me realize that our hearts are connected and that made us a family.” ~ Shinha Tsuchida
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Day 9: Visiting Holy Ground

Today’s activities took us on a pilgrimage of the True Father’s humble beginnings as he was growing a movement. We went to the Beomnaetgol holy ground where we entered the museum with the rock upon which Father Moon built his mud house – the very first church where he wrote the Divine Principle.
We heard a brief explanation from the guide about Father Moon’s journey as a refugee from the north. We leafed through pictures of the mud house, met some early members, and glanced at copies of the original Divine Principle. 
Then we took pictures and headed up to the “Rock of Tears,” named so because of how many tears Father Moon shed in prayer for God, the world, and his country. There, we touched the very rock where Father Moon offered so much devotion and prayed alone for the salvation of humanity. 
“It was a very deep experience thinking about the investment that True Father put into those places and seeing now how all his visions are coming true. People from all over the world are now coming to see [the Rock of Tears]. It is his devotion that really moves these people, and it’s something that’s really inspiring. It gives me hope for the future. Back in those days, Korea was underdeveloped. Busan was a small town, and now here we all are from across the world. It’s really beautiful to think about.” – Mika Miyagi
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Day 8: Arriving in Korea

Starting today, we embarked on the second leg of this international trip – Korea! We said our goodbyes to the Japanese CARP students and flew into Seoul and from there took buses to Sun Moon University. Once we arrived, we received a very warm welcome by students and the CARP staff. 
There was a banner that said “Sun Moon University warmly welcomes CARP USA!”
We gathered in the meeting room on the 5th floor of the main building. There, we met the President of Sun Moon University who spoke to us about True Father’s vision in establishing this university.
“True Father always told me, ‘you have to make this school into the Harvard of Korea!”
 He turned to the American students and said,
“If you come to this school, I have no doubt that we can make it into the best school. So please consider attending classes here.” 
Following these remarks, there was an impressive presentation on the reforms that the university undertook in order to ensure that it is not cut by the government. Sun Moon University has been rising in the university rankings over the years. 
“It made me want to go to Sun Moon University to learn Korean language.” – Jennifer 
Each participant received a gift – a shampoo set and a handy pamphlet explaining everything about Sun Moon University. 
Lastly, everyone was treated to a delicious Korean dinner before heading out to Busan. 
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