Revival Starts With Love

Contributed by Jennifer Pierce

IMG_4390The crowd gathers to City of Refuge in LA for the ‘Revival Starts with Me’ rally.

On December 16th, CARP Los Angeles (LA), in collaboration with the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), hosted a Revival Starts with Me Rally for the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea.

This rally was inspired by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s successful rallies in Thailand, Japan, United States, and Korea this year.

Why Reunification Matters

The issue of North and South Korean peace is a hot topic in the world today, but to CARP’s founders, Father and Mother Moon, this issue is a personal one. As refugees from North Korea, they saw first-hand the effects of how a divided country hurts its people and how a communist ideology ruins lives. They also realized that peace on the Korean peninsula could lead to world peace.

2017-06-29 14.32.50(Left to Right) Jermaine Bishop Jr., Joshua Holmes, and Naomi Froehlich of CARP America speak at the South Korean Congress Building.

CARP LA was inspired by Father and Mother Moon’s vision during their international exchange trip to South Korea earlier this year in July. During that trip, three American student representatives had the opportunity to speak about the peaceful reunification at the South Korean Congress building. Following that, CARP LA decided to host one rally at the end of this year and two more next year.

“[This rally] was something that we could do to support Mother Moon’s efforts for global peace as well as a way for each of us to take responsibility over the situation that the world is facing today. Considering all of the recent tragedies that have taken place all across the globe, we really felt connected to this vision of bringing people together as a common humanity and one global family under God.

We wanted to inspire others to look past our differences and to come together based on the premise that we all desire to establish peace in the world, starting with this particular division we see on the Korean peninsula.” – Harumi Muranaka, CARP Cypress

Coming Together

23732183_10210071177566056_490975714_oCARP LA visits Rock of Faith Church for Bible Study!

The organizing group for the rally connected to Christian churches with the understanding that true love and peace comes from God, our Creator. Knowing that God is our Heavenly Parent gives us a basis to treat other humans like brothers and sisters. Based on this understanding, the organizing group connected to many pastors and congregations and invited them to the rally and participate in the joint choir.

The City of Refuge, the host of the event, was inspired to let us use their venue because of our youthful spirit. Bishop Noel Jones, the Senior Pastor at the City of Refuge, went to South Korea just last month to attend Mother Moon’s 80,000 person rally for Korean peace and was even more inspired to support this initiative.


23561359_1613791641992938_941055731301983213_nCARP ECC shares about the rally on campus. 

Every week since October, CARP members made preparations inviting others to come from churches and college campuses.

“Inviting people to the rally was a good experience, but reaching out to my family and friends really tested my confidence in my faith and investment in CARP. Some results may not have been what I have expected, but this has made me want to work harder to inspire my friends and family to support CARP in the future.” – Yuka Oiwa, CARP PCC Vice President

IMG_7493Jason McGee directs the choir on December 16th.

One of the biggest components of this rally was the music. Jason McGee, the Music Director at the City of Refuge, led the 100-person choir comprised of representatives from twenty church and CARP. They prepared four songs for the event: ‘Every Praise’, ‘Spirit Break Out’, ‘Jesus Promised’, and ‘I Won’t Go Back.’

IMG_7555The choir members consisted of 20 different church choirs and CARP members.

“I was a part of the choir directed by Jason McGee, and he told us at one of the choir rehearsals that this is heaven: where all races come together as one family. I really felt that way as well. I really felt the presence of God and True Parents at the rally and I think He was very happy to see His children gathered at a very spiritual, very prepared place as one family, praying for peace and unity between North and South Korea as well as the whole world.” – Hitoe Hiraki, CARP CSULA President

The Program

IMG_7514Joshua Holmes, Master of Ceremonies, takes the stage. 

Joshua Holmes, the Master of Ceremonies for the event and CARP Cypress President, guided everyone through the program with spirit and vigor. He was full of energy and shared it freely with the participants.

“Preparing for the rally was where God could work and work deeply in the lives of the people we reached out to and came to the event. As the MC, when I walked onto the stage for the first time, I was completely calm. My heart didn’t beat faster at all because I knew that all of this was in God’s hands and I believed in the foundation that was laid already by Mother Moon, our parental figures, students, and missionaries.” – Joshua Holmes, CARP Cypress President

IMG_7570Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, FFWPU International Vice President, gives some opening remarks. 

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) International Vice President, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, offered a greeting and shared about the personal impact that the divided Korea has had on his life and family. Because of the division, he has been separated from and unable to meet his grandparents who were isolated in North Korea. His testimony touched everyone in the room and helped connect the issue to a very personal and family level.

The Power of Students

IMG_7665Jermaine Bishop gives his speech with passion and fervor.

CARP LA President, Jermaine Bishop Jr., gave a speech during the event about the reunification of North and South Korea, representing the student perspective. Here’s a part of his speech:

“I was curious to see what world-class leaders all over the world might be thinking about how we could resolve the divide on the Korean peninsula. One man said it absolutely has to be done by politics, so I looked at what political figures were doing. I saw qualified men and women trying the same work, the same means in different ways, to no avail since 1945. I realized the problem was that we recognize means as ends. Politics is a tool; we’re trying to create change with the same devices that created the divide in the first place. There is no law in the constitution that governs hearts…

Rev Sun Myung Moon [and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon] saw the [problem] right here in America. They saw people living in abundance and prosperity who stored it all up for themselves instead trying to figure out what can we could do to be a blessing to one another. There is nothing politics can do to help us overcome that misunderstanding. We live in a country where the things we do influences artists, engineers, politicians, and entrepreneurs that influence every corner the world.

We don’t have to figure out how to change the world; we just need to transform the people right here in this room to be beacons of light, to love like Jesus loves, to be a walking revival. Then, this nation and world can do the same. The best thing we could do to that effect is offer sincere prayer.”

At the end of his speech, Jermaine led the entire rally in a prayer for the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea.

IMG_4476The participants offer a unison prayer for the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea. 

Pastors Speak Up for Peace

The keynote address was given by City of Refuge’s Bishop Noel Jones. He shared that God’s intention was for all of us to share love with each other. God created us with equal value, and therefore we should love each other equally.

_MG_4646Bishop Noel Jones gives his keynote address.

“What inspired me the most was Bishop Noel Jones’ speech. It was very enthusiastic and when he called out the youth, I had this determination to answer God’s call. His voice was so powerful that his opening prayer made me cry. Through this event, I learned the importance of the position I’m in.” – Naomi Kotani, HARP AHS President

_MG_4540Bishop Jones captivates the crowd. 

He also shared how he was inspired by Mother Moon in Korea at her rally in November. He said he was inspired by her because she was a ‘giver’; he said givers never decrease because God always gives to those who give to others.

Breaking Down Walls

It is with that kind of heart, a heart of giving and loving, that will end the suffering in North Korea and bring peace to the peninsula.

“The inspiring part of the rally was that men can solve unreasonable problems with an unreasonable solution: God and Love.” – Darius Clash, CARP PCC

IMG_4268CARP students performing Mujogeon.

The program ended with about 50 members of CARP, including members from Bay Area CARP, Las Vegas CARP, and Dallas CARP, performing Mujogeon, the dance created for Mother Moon’s Madison Square Garden Rally in New York in July of this year.

IMG_4273Power and passion of youth brings this dance to life. 

The song, which translates to ‘unconditional’ in Korean, represents the spirit of a young person who unconditionally follows wherever God leads. Full of energy and excitement, many who attended the rally said seeing the bright young people dance with this purpose was the highlight and perfect culmination of the event.

Coming Together for Peace

IMG_7451Emily Iseda of CARP UCLA reps the rally T-shirt. 

Around 1,200 people showed up to the rally. After months of preparation, the students could finally see the fruits of all of their investment.

“The rally inspired me by being able to see everything come together after preparing for a long time. To think that I was a part of this event gave me a weird feeling of excitement and hope for what’s to come. I’m sure my vision and desire for the unification of North and South Korea isn’t as strong as True Parents’ or God’s desire, but I felt like through these events and daily effort helped me connect to this huge vision step-by-step.” – Takahito Kikuchi, CARP ELAC President

IMG_4363Different faith leaders came in support of the event. 

The real impact of this rally wasn’t so much what was said but what was done. People from all walks of life – from college campuses, 20 different churches, and local community members – were gathered to talk about this global issue and how to bring peace and understanding. Participation in this effort together helped us see how we need to take care of each other, whether the person across the street or across an ocean.


We learned that it’s not science or politics that brings people together; it’s love.

CARP LA plans to host two more rallies in 2018. Stay tuned for more details about how you can support and be a part of the change. Follow us on Facebook! #RevivalStartsWithMe

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Conversations That Matter

Contributed by Denthew Learey

CARP University of Bridgeport (UB) and CARP Grand Rapids hosted events where professors came and shared their wisdom to students, much like LV’s Campus Talks. It provided an opportunity at the end of the year for the campus community to think about their values and passions that might have been forgotten along the way.

On Being: A Discussion with Professors About Finding Your Identity, Values, and Passion in a Global Society


On November 29th, CARP UB hosted their  event called, “On Being: A Discussion with Professors About Finding Your Identity, Values, and Passion in a Global Society” with another club on campus, the Global Affair Society. Twenty-five people in total attended the event including students, faculty, and community supporters.


Their discussion strove to answer these questions:

  1. How do you define success? What do you see is the connection between following your passion and being successful?
  2. If you have to make compromises in life, what are the things that are non-negotiable and what can be let go?
  3. How do you find and develop your core values and do they change with time?


Professors gave their input and then the floor was open to for everyone to share.

“I never thought about being, the word itself…and I want to understand the meaning of this,” one professor said.

Opening the floor and creating a space for both professors and students to talk allowed students to feel free to ask questions and gain advice from the professors and peers.

25360473_1122250764545361_1584944605_n (1)

“I needed every word to revive the me in me. I forgot who I am for a while and the talk stimulated those feelings of passion and the value of human connections and that I still have a lot to do and offer for this world and I remembered to value what the world has given me so far.” – Doha Sabbagh, Global Affairs Society President

“I was so grateful for the sincerity and insight of everyone participating in the event and helping to plan it. I think we created something really meaningful that had an active impact on people. I hope that CARP at UB can host more events of its kind.”- Krista Smith, CARP UB President

Healing the Heart of America


CARP Grand Rapids’ event on November 30th hosted guest speaker, Kathryn Davis, who talked about “Healing the Heart of America.” 18 students and two faculty attended the event.

Ms. Davis explained that everyone is a part of a family, the human family and change can take place when that is understood. She called for everyone to focus more on the spiritual side of life instead of the external.


Through her talk, CARP realized that, even though everyone has the same internal value, the racism and discrimination that was happening on campus was because people were focusing on the external.

“We felt called to take part in the campaign to end racism and discrimination on campus organized by the Students Alliance [another club on campus]. I think if we are to fight racism it has to begin with the understanding that God is our Heavenly Parent, and we are all His children. I was so moved by the receptiveness of the audience during the event, and it gave me a lot of hope. I believe that if we begin to look at each person as a brother or a sister, it will prompt us to change the way we treat each other and that’s what I hope the campus can benefit from this event.” – Josue Kisile, CARP Grand Rapids President


After the presentation, the students talked about how they could solve these issues on campus. Many students were inspired to participate in helping CARP to create a solution.  

Continuing the Conversation

The professors of both events shared many personal testimonies about how they figured out what values were non-negotiable in their lives and how it lead to their success in their lives. Their openness allowed the students to share about themselves and their opinions and views.

The conversations that were started by these campuses are good ones to reflect on as we close the year. What values are non-negotiable to you and how do they help you build success? How can those values heal our nation? Share your responses below!

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Making the Most of Winter Break


After a long semester of focusing on school, winter break is a needed breath of fresh air. It’s a break from school and a chance to recharge your spirit. While it’s important to work hard in getting your degree, we are so much more than our academic pursuits.

Make sure to take time to balance your education so you are alive, free, and connected to the world around you. Your time in school will be more meaningful if you can connect to what’s really important and learn how to make an impact on the world with your education.

That’s why CARP promotes #PrinciplesWorthLiving and #ConversationsThatMatter so we can connect to something bigger than ourselves.

These winter break opportunities give students and young adults a much-needed chance to reflect and connect with God, humanity, and the world.

‘Revival Starts with Me’ Rally


Connect with other students and people of faith at the ‘Revival Starts With Me’ Rally in Gardena, Los Angeles on Saturday, December 16th. Co-sponsored by the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) and CARP, this will be a rousing and inspiring celebration of faith, peace, and the power of prayer in reviving our nation and world. The world is in need of so much healing and we can be part of the solution by coming together as global citizens. We can make a difference on world issues, like the relationship between North and South Korea, by creating peace in ourselves, relationships, communities, and more.

Register here! Contact for more information.

Turning Point

Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 4.50.13 PM

Hosted by CARP LA, this is an opportunity for any student wanting to learn about and discover the Divine Principle. Interact with CARP students and young adults nationwide and learn from our most esteemed educators from around the country.

It will take place from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1 at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas. Finish the year strong and celebrate in spirit and truth.

For more information, contact Jennifer Pierce:

Register here!

Going Deeper!

unnamed (1)

Want to learn even more about what Principle has to offer? From Jan. 3 to Jan. 9 at IPEC in Las Vegas, study with young adults from around the country to learn more deeply and explore some practical applications to the Principle in our culture today.

For more information, contact Tasnah Moyer:

Register here!

Level Up!


This retreat aims to create a place and time where we can renew our sense of direction and clarity, our sense of hope and purpose, and experience deep reflection and connection with our brothers and sisters.

From January 5 to 11 at Pine Creek Retreat, Gore, Virginia.

For more information, contact Tasnah Moyer:

Register here!

GPA’s 7 Day Retreat!

unnamed (1)

Hosted by Generation Peace Academy (GPA), from January 7 to 13 at Tejas Trails, Texas.

More details coming soon!

For more information, contact Tasnah Moyer:

Register here!

Do you know of another great winter break opportunity that we missed? Let us know and we’ll include it! Email

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25 Things We are Grateful For

With Thanksgiving coming up and the end-of-the-year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to stop, reflect, and give thanks for all we have been given. Gratitude has a powerful impact on our spirit.

“My motto in life is ‘How can I live today with more gratitude than yesterday?’ I have tried to live a life in which I am more grateful today than I was yesterday, and in which I will be even more grateful tomorrow than I am today. It has been my life’s goal to have gratitude in my heart every day.” – Mother Moon

Here at CARP, we are grateful for so many things and we want to take a moment to acknowledge the people who have contributed to CARP’s success this year.

25 Things We are Grateful For

19488667_1490010267726783_6244481158741455342_oMother Moon speaking to CARP America students in Korea. 

  1. Our Founders, Father and Mother Moon. First, we’d like to thank our founders, Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, for their vision, heart, and continued investment in youth. This year, Mother Moon hosted 120 CARP members to join her for a meal, was the keynote speaker at the Peace Starts with Me Rally in New York, and, more recently, the keynote speaker at the Global Peace Rally in Korea, inspiring many of our students to host their own events on campus, like CARP LV’s “Peace Starts with Me” Campus Talks

  2. Family Federation for World Peace & Unification USA. Thank you to Family Federation USA, Dr. Kim, Dr. Balcomb, and Rev. Buessing, for supporting CARP through your encouragement, inspiration, promotion, scholarships, and more. We are all working to create one family under God. 

  3. Our Generous Donors. Thank you also to our donors, both monthly and special event donors. Nothing would be possible without your generosity.

  4. Our Students. Thank you, students! You’re the bread and butter for CARP and make this the student movement that we love to be a part of (even after we graduate and are no longer students…we’re students of life and that counts!). 

    21751887_10209584782038816_3929690880028985515_nCARP North Lake repping CARP at Club Fair this semester.

  5. Our Established Chapters. Thank you to our registered CARP clubs on campus that are a creating an environment for students to discover the power of the Principle through discussions, service projects, seminars, retreats, and more. Fourteen chapters have done the work of finding a faculty advisor, filling out the proper paperwork, and engaging students this semester.

  6. Our Faculty Advisors. Thank you to our faculty advisors for working with us so we can be a registered club on campuses and supporting (many times attending) our meetings and events!  

  7. Our Community Supporters. Thank you to our community supporters. Whether it’s a hot meal, transportation, attending our events, or anything else, our supporters hold a special place in our hearts (you could say the wind beneath our wings!). We are especially grateful to Kodan for your help and support. 

  8. Our Professors. Thank you to our professors who teach us so much every day. This year in Las Vegas, several professors recommended student to join CARP and participated in the Campus Talks.Our Professors. You are training the future leaders of the world!

    1D3A3063Gerry Servito speaking at Culture Wars in January this year. 

  9. Our Educators. Thank you to our educators for always endowing your wisdom and knowledge onto us. You are a tremendous help at retreats and have made yourselves available even for questions via email. 

  10. Our Chapter Reps and Leaders. Thank you to our chapter reps for leading and managing your chapters while simultaneously connecting with the national team AND being students yourselves! 

  11. GPA. Thank you to Generation Peace Academy (GPA) for joining our local CARP chapters in their activities and inviting us to be part of yours. You train and prepare students so well for public service through your gap year program, sending such quality leaders to continue their training in CARP. Our partnership is a treasured one. 

  12. HARP. Thank you to the High School Association for the Research of the Principle (HARP) for getting started and involved! We’re excited to have you on board with us.

  13. International Chapters. Thank you to our international chapters for hosting us in Japan and Korea and for collaborating and sharing your stories. We’re always inspired by your activities!

    22829779_293012494535496_6962466349486687104_oBay Area CARP at their Ignite program with their community.  

  14. Our Local Communities. Thank you to our local communities for hosting us around the country! Special thanks to local pastors who encourage us with wisdom and spiritual guidance, recommending students to apply their faith in applicable ways on campus. It takes a village to develop global citizens and we are so grateful to learn, grow, and serve our campuses and communities together with you.

  15. Technology. Thank you internet and technology for allowing us to connect nationwide with ease via Facebook, our monthly newsletter, Zoom, and more. #BeGratefulForTheLittleThings

  16. Our Mentors. A BIG thank you to all of our mentors for constantly giving us guidance and helping us grow. Everyone needs a role model and we are so grateful you are there to guide us along the way. 

  17. Our Family and Friends. Thank you to our family and friends for supporting us, taking care of us, and for reminding us of our value and purpose. 

    IMG_0651Emily Iseda (UCLA) with staff member Nina Urbonya. 

  18. Our Alumni. Thank you to all CARP alumni who have pioneered, led the way, and created a trail for us to follow! We have so much to learn and we are grateful for sharing your stories and being a stand for a principled environment on campus. 

  19. Our Developing Chapters. Thank you to our developing chapters for working hard and wanting to be part of our CARP family! It’s not always easy to get started and it takes special people to start something new. 

  20. Our Hubs. Thank you to our newly established hubs for managing multiple chapters and pushing to open more!

    15137623_1320810601283350_8683197764582301750_oChungbom Katayama and Kwasi Boakye learning how to teach Unification Principles at a retreat. 

  21. Our National Board of Directors. Thank you to our National Board of Directors for helping CARP move forward through overseeing strategic planning, accountability, programming, financial transparency, and more. 

  22. Our Campuses. Thank you to all college and university campuses that host us, for giving us the opportunity to be part of campus life!

  23. Our Partner Organizations and Clubs. Thank you to our partner organizations and clubs! We look forward to working more with you this next year!

  24. Our Interns and Volunteers. Thank you to our interns and volunteers for your time and dedication. 

  25. Our National Staff team. Finally, thank you to our all of our national staff members across the country that work to bridge the gap and provide opportunities to students everywhere. 

We couldn’t have done it without the support and prayers of countless individuals like you. From all of CARP, thank you!

We invite you to take a moment (or a few) to reflect on, What are you grateful for?


If you want to be part of the magic and experience the joy of giving, support CARP by donating on #GivingTuesday by going to

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Uniting Professors and Students on Campus

Contributed by Denthew Learey

CSNgroupphoto UNLVgroupphoto

On November 1st and 8th, CARP Las Vegas held special ‘Campus Talks’ on their two campuses, College of Southern Nevada (CSN) and University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), with the theme “Peace Starts with Me.” This event was inspired by Mother Moon’s Peace Starts with Me Rally at Madison Square Garden (MSG) earlier this year.

The purpose of the Campus Talks was to create a space for professors and staff to share their knowledge and wisdom to students and to strengthen the relationship between the two. The goal was to create a cultural shift on the campuses to be more positive, interconnected, and empowering.

Getting Started

To help get the word out, CARP members went to over eighty classes to make an announcement and invite students to attend. Some of the professors even gave extra credit to the students who attended. CARP students also performed live music throughout campus and passed out flyers to advertise.

“One of the most exciting things about preparing for this Campus Talk was the unity and passion that we felt to make it happen. This time, it wasn’t just the usual CARP staff who made it happen, but it was a unified effort of all the students who are involved in CARP and who have been studying [Unification Principles] this semester. We had a campaign to ask permission from professors to speak in front of their class about the event.

Everybody contributed to make that happen, even people who had only meet CARP a week before. It gave everyone a sense of ownership over this event and CARP’s vision. I think it was the power of that unity that made it a great event. Also, we all contributed on the day of the event in playing music at our booth on campus and passing out flyers to students.

Through holding the event, and through all of our effort to reach out to students leading up to it, I felt that we were able to make our presence known on the UNLV campus, and we could feel that we are taking responsibility to bring a culture of love and truth to the student body.” – Jinil Fleischman, CARP UNLV President


The theme “Peace Starts with Me” was close to the hearts of the Las Vegas community because of the recent shooting at Mandalay Bay. The idea of peace was very comforting to professors and students alike.

Each of the professors who spoke were introduced at the event by a student who had a personal connection with them. The speakers all shared different stories about how they had pushed for peace in their lives.

CSN, Nov. 1st, 2017

The first event took place at CSN on Nov. 1. They had four speakers who presented in a packed classroom.

The first professor shared about how she grew up in a impoverished, immigrant family and how her community helped her find peace within herself, as a first step in supporting her dreams. She decided to share what she had learned by becoming a teacher.

The second professor shared about how to affect the environment instead of being affected. When asked, “what gets him up everyday?” he answered that every morning he thinks about all the people who believed and invested in him.

The third professor shared that peace is about genuinely giving more than what is expected. Through living for the sake of others, a ripple effect can be created.

The final professor was CARP CSN’s faculty sponsor. He introduced the term “SOS” to mean “Sacrifice Of Selfishness” as a way to create peaceful relationships. He encouraged the audience to practice selflessness in their daily life.

UNLV, Nov. 8th, 2017

UNLV also had four professors share their perspectives and wisdom on peace.

“I really enjoyed the event itself. My favorite part of it was seeing how happy the speakers were to be able to talk about the theme. Though professors have the opportunity to speak to young people a lot, they don’t often have the environment created to be able to share real wisdom like they did in the Campus Talk.

When they were given that opportunity, I could feel how much they care for all the students, and how they want to see all of us happy and successful, and becoming genuinely good people. I was grateful to hear a lot of good feedback from student who attended. In all, at the UNLV Campus Talk, we had nearly 60 guests who came. Not all of them stayed the entire time, but that’s how many people signed in.” – Jinil Fleischman

The first professor shared a personal story of loss and how he overcame his grief through choosing to digest the pain instead of being swallowed by it.

The second professor talked about his ancestors and all they went through to lay a foundation for him to be where he is and to be a positive influence on others.

The third professor shared about her undergrad project on recycling and how it helped UNLV. She shared how challenging it was to complete the project, but persevering allowed her to change her environment.

The fourth professor reminded everyone how blessed they are to live in a culturally diverse community and that by respectfully embracing and collaborating with each other, we can expand opportunities for all.


After the Event

A student that attended the event shared how he wished that there were more students who came because he had gained so much. Another student said there should be a class titled “Peace Starts with Me” to continue these insightful and real sharings.

A faculty member shared how giving this talk gave him hope for the future. He is excited about future collaborations he can do with students to further unite faculty and students. Other staff members were eager to share their own experiences at future events.

Many of the faculty members and students were grateful to CARP for creating this opportunity for dialogue and for organizing this event. CARP LV hopes to spread this initiative for peace and honest sharing throughout Las Vegas, the nation, and world.


“We want to see greater collaboration and synergy between professors and students. We want to see professors who are investing into students as leaders of the future. Not just into their academic and professional selves, but their character and heart.

We want to see professors feeling inspired and passionate to contribute to the vision of peace that CARP brings, and we want to see a student movement that stands for unity and peace. We want to make our Campus Talks an event that happens every semester that students are looking forward to!” – Jinil Fleischman

Great job, CARP Las Vegas!

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