This I Believe : Justine Spicciani

I believe in a table set for all. The magic starts from anytime between five to seven in the evening. I hear the musical cling of each dinner plate being placed on top of our dining room table, not long after I hear my mom’s familiar old British voice call out, “sup’s up!” I hear her echo it a few more times, somehow my dad hears her call and he turns off jeopardy which is playing on an unnaturally loud volume. Some of us come in running, some of us come in lazily, it depends how hungry we are.  My three brothers and I gather into our dinning room and take a seat waiting impatiently for each other. My dad sits at the head of the table and offers a prayer.  He prays enthusiastically and adds in a clever remark that he’ll laugh at before ending with an “amen.” Then we eat.

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This I Believe : Aaron Roppoli

Jump a Bush

It is an unavoidable truth that many people suffer from the schedule that can steal freedom and seem to restrict a persons’ character with its repetitiveness. I wasn’t spared from falling victim to the monotony of a schedule. My schedule was the typical one of waking up, going to school, going to work, studying, then going to sleep in order to recharge my body so I could do it all again. It controlled me to the point that my body could go through the day even if it didn’t have a brain. Many times I find myself at home after the 40 minute drive from college and think back on the trip and struggle to remember most of it because of the powerful effect of a boring schedule. But I believe that I can include fun into my life and also break the tight grip that schedules can take on me by doing small actions to change life from a recurring nightmare into an awesome experience.

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This I Believe : Hyo Nam Heller

F*** it

Have you ever stressed so much over certain tasks so much it is impossible to enjoy down time man? When down time becomes…. Down time haaaa get it? It sucks! When I was in High school, the weekends were dreadful, dull and I don’t seem to be in the mood for anything. I stress and stress over the work and yet I still trick myself into thinking I will do it the coming Sunday. So I feel great about myself!… For about 30 minutes, then I feel like a worthless piece of s*** again. Man how the small tasks you have will ruin your weekend. I can’t get away from school on my free time. But due to the severity of my “f*** it” motto, I basically desire immediate happiness so desperately that it comes back and punches me in the face. So now my present and future are both f***ed and don’t I feel GREAT!… And I wonder why didn’t I just do it Friday to enjoy the weekend? But I procrastinate and prove to the world I am that f*** up that recycles the same excuses to procrastinate once again. This never-ending cycle kills my fun, family plans and my workouts! Worst of all I become butt ugly and die of obesity. Okay my bad, I went overboard the lame jokes but maybe you catch my drift?

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