The Mentoring Partnership

mentoring partnership

Hello from the Coordinators

Hi there!

Kaeleigh, Tasnah, and Teresa here to share with you a cool, new initiative we are creating together: The Mentoring Partnership. Based on CARP’s summer mentoring pilot, we are collaborating to create a network of support because we know the value of having a great mentor or older brother/sister. Our lives are meant to be a time to discover ourselves, God, and our unique contribution to humanity at the current intersection of our life. However, in today’s world it’s not always so easy to figure all of that out…

That’s where we hope our mentoring partnership can be of service to you. Remember this: You are not alone. Together, we can do so much more than if we try to do things by ourselves. This partnership is meant to be an opportunity to forge bonds and create experiences that enrich each of our lives. We’ve started this partnership together and we invite you to start your own new partnership.

Whether you already have a mentor and want some support and structure, or you aren’t sure who to connect to, we can help. Learn more and sign-up below!

With love, 

Teresa Rischl, Tasnah Moyer & Kaeleigh Moffitt (pictured to the right)

The Mentoring Partnership

Through this program, we aim to provide opportunities to help you gain clarity, confidence, and the support needed to be successful. We are offering 3 tracks for the Spring 2017 semester to choose from:

“Thrive”“Amplified”“Principle Application”

Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith

For post-program transition (18+)

*Mentors Please Apply*

hosted by the STF/GPA Alumni Association

14 weeks (1 semester)

 The 5 Elements of Youth Empowerment

For high school juniors and seniors

*Mentors Please Apply*

hosted by National Youth Ministry

10 weeks

CARP’s 7 Unification Principles

For current students & young adults (18-25)

*Mentors Please Apply*

hosted by CARP 

14 weeks (1 semester)


  • 30-minute calls on a weekly basis with your mentor/mentee
  • Discuss what’s important to you (family, relationships, faith, career, school, etc)
  • Receive a weekly email (with a theme, related reading, and action step), plus helpful mentoring tips

When: Each track begins the week of January 22nd and includes:

  • First week: Introductions
  • Middle: mid-program review
  • Last week: reflections, acknowledgements
  • *Other weeks: weekly themes will be sent to you based on the track you choose

Who Is This For:

  • To Be a Mentee (participant)
    • High school graduate (or 18+)*
      • *High school juniors and seniors can apply for the “Amplified” track. Parental approval is required. 
    • Anyone who wants to grow and develop themselves
    • Anyone who wants an accountability partner
  • To Be a Mentor
    • If it has been at least 1 year since graduating high school or a gap-year program 
    • Anyone who wants to give back and help others be successful
    • Anyone who wants to grow to the next level by empowering others
    • We are currently seeking mentors for ALL tracks 🙂

Why Join The Mentoring Partnership?

Victory baby to the rescue to say, "You can do it!"

“You can do it!”

1. Gain insights from someone else’s experiences. You are probably not the first person in your situation. Nor will you be the last. There is so much that can be shared between two people that can’t always be found in books. 

2. Mentors help jump-start you to success. The connections, support, and resources made available help give you an edge. Most successful people have had someone help them along the way. Through a mentor, you get access to a whole new network of friends, colleagues, connections, and more. 

i-have-your-back-at-mama3. Someone has got your back. It’s a different relationship than with a friend. A mentor will be there to listen to the worries, doubts, and accomplishments and will give you the experienced wisdom that everything will be okay. They can encourage you to keep trying when you feel stuck or lost. You never know who you’re going to meet or where you will end up.

4. You are part of a HUGE network of support! We’ve teamed up with some awesome people and organizations to provide quality content, support, and resources. There is training for mentors and platforms to share best practices.  


“I’ve never talked to my mentor in-person before but we have great conversations about how to include God in our lives. I don’t have too many people willing to share about that with me. I realized that I like sharing about my life of faith. It interests me and keeps me accountable.” – Kim, Mentee

“I’m grateful for this program and glad to be involved. It can be hard to focus on God and internal development during college so I’m glad to finish college with a stronger spiritual emphasis.” – Sunhwa, Mentee

“This may not be a new thing but I miss mentoring. I’m hungry for that mentor relationship. It reminds me how much I enjoy it. Especially this was the first time to combine practical/professional and spiritual experiences. Cool.” – HK, Mentor

“As a young professional, I can get lost in the phone call and work emails. However, by having someone to mentor, I begin to focus on someone who wants to know God and apply Unification Principles in life. It really helps me, too.” – Cathy, Mentor

“My highlight is talking about what really matters. For example, for my mentee it’s about integrity – being the man he wants to be. I get to be an accountability partner and help people deal with issues that are holding them back.” – Leighton, Mentor

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis (once you apply, we will connect you with a mentor/mentee for the following week). We begin the week of January 22nd so sign up by January 20th. It’s a great way to start the semester off right! 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact one of our coordinators: 


Hannah Hunter

Tasnah Moyer

Teresa Rischl