STEP UP, or STudent EmPowerment through Unification Principles, is the foundational student empowerment seminar of CARP. It focuses on CARP’s seven core Unification Principles, defined as “principles that can bring about unity on all levels.”

STEP UP offers an experience that promotes:

  • Natural transformation to be more powerful, expressed, and confident individuals
  • Insights into our passions and unique abilities that we can contribute to society
  • Practical tools that can be naturally applied over and over again
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  • A participant declares his personal mission statement during a STEP UP seminar.
  • STEP UP facilitator, Justin Okamoto (right), engages a participant in an interactive presentation.
  • Participants came from all over the country, from California to Boston, and many also traveled from overseas from countries such as England, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Germany, and South Africa.
  • Come prepared to be challenged in your assumptions and beliefs.
  • Meet fellow students who care about making a positive impact in their lives, their relationships, and the world.
 Here is what students are saying about STEP UP:

Stephen Galvan

It was my first time at a CARP America workshop and I was introduced to what is called STEP UP. I thought, 'what is this!?' I was both curious and cynical. I’m sitting with 40 other students from America and around the world. As the workshop went on, I continued to be cynical until I saw something that really impressed me. The coach/facilitator was doing a session on dealing with our complaints in life. And boy do I have complaints in life...

The coach started engaging in conversation with one student at front of the room. He asked the student about what he wanted to do when he got home. At first, the student seemed unclear on what to do when he got home from the workshop. The conversation was short, maybe 3 minutes. Suddenly, the student saw clearly for himself that what he wanted and became determined to talk to his parents about doing Tribal Messiah work in the community. When I saw that shift in clarity for the student, I don't know what it was, but I got a sense that God was working something here. I knew that I wanted to have a chance to talk to Justin the coach.

Through our conversation, I got to see why I was having such a difficult time connecting with my family members and I felt really confident afterwards that I could change our relationships and make them fulfilling. It was really amazing because this is something that I never saw was missing in my life. I think a part of why I went into GPA (gap year service program) was perhaps to work on my family relationships, but I never knew that it was an issue for me. I’m really grateful for CARP America and the STEP UP program. I would say that it is life-changing.

-Stephen Galvan

Kefilwe Lebepe

I went to the CARP Momentum workshop in January 2016. The first part of the workshop was a program called STEP UP. Before the workshop, I was really struggling back home. In my country (South Africa), CARP is just getting started and there really is almost nothing. It’s hard to do something when there is very little support and foundation. Being at STEP UP helped me feel supported by my fellow CARP leaders from around the world. I learned that we are all struggling with similar challenges like self-worth, confidence, relationships, and faith. But I also learned that I am not alone.

One of the sessions that I loved was on the original mind. It really showed the power of the Principle in a very practical way. It made me love the Principle even more because I could see how real it was and how much blessing it gives us in our lives. Naokimi’s lecture was probably the best explanation of vitality elements I’ve ever heard. Also seeing the live coaching was really awesome. I could see how it can help so many people and I hope some day that I will be able to do the same.

-Kefilwe Lebepe

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