Summer 2017 Opportunities

CARP Intercultural Exchange Trip to Japan & Korea

June 19 – July 4, 2017

Have you always wanted to travel to Asia and experience the oriental culture and energizing spirit of CARP Japan and CARP Korea?

Inherit the heart, spirit, and love of CARP by going to the places where CARP started over 50 years ago in Japan and Korea. Connect with students on a global level as we work together towards Vision 2020!

On this trip you will:

  • Meet with CARP Japan and CARP Korea students
  • Go on a pilgrimage
  • Go sightseeing
  • Visit local CARP centers and do outreach
  • Participate in a Peace Gathering for Reunification of North and South Korea

Read a series of reports on last year’s trip.

For more information, go to


The Leda Settlement: 2nd ‘Pathways to a Sustainable Future Program’ in Paraguay

June 24 – July 12, 2017

Are you looking for a hands-on experience? Do you have an interest in finding creative approaches to eradicating hunger? 

This program aims at helping communities to develop in a healthy and sustainable way. You, the volunteers, will learn how to implement creative approaches to hunger eradication and will be able to appreciate how these approaches are often linked to traditional wisdom. 

During this project, you will get to:

  • Learn local farming methods
  • Plant trees and harvest different fruits/vegetables
  • Go fishing and horseback riding
  • Learn about sustainability

This project provides a cross-cultural opportunity to live, share, serve, and learn together with people from all over the world.

Read a report on last year’s project.

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Application deadline: April 6, 2017


Honduras Peace Park Project

August 7 – 16, 2017

Are you looking to use your talents and love for the arts for a good cause?

Help create a peace park in the local community of Tela, Honduras.peacepark2
The goal of the project is to
create a united community across the Americas. This is a movement to foster friendship, collaboration, and solidarity with current and future generations of the Americas as we strive to develop a ‘Culture of Peace.’

During the project you will:

  • Construct a gazebo that will service as a community gathering point
  • Lay garden paths to beautify community space
  • Refurbish concrete benches and structures with ceramic mosaics
  • Visit local cultural and tourist attractions

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to share in a culture different than their own and use creative problem-solving while working in teams with volunteers from North, Central, and South America.

Check out a report and video cap on last year’s project.

For more information, go to the Honduras PeaceIN Peace Park Project Facebook page

Application deadline: July 1st 2017

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Pobanz at

Religious Youth Service 30th Anniversary Project in Sri Lanka

August 11 – 18, 2017

Are you looking to work on a service project with people from different religions, backgrounds, and nationalities?

This year’s special 30th Anniversary Project is titled, “Building a Brighter Future: An Interfaith Approach Across the Board.” RYS is going to Sri Lanka to build a bridge to connect two parts of the local village of Ella. Once completed, it will be used by the 400 local villagers daily. 

As part of this project, there will also be a leadership program, led by international educators which will include

  • team-building exercises
  • various talks
  • inter-religious discussions
  • visits to religious sites
  • sightseeing field trips
  • sports and fun activities
  • community service work

For more information, go to

Application deadline: May 15, 2017

If you have any questions, please contact the coordinator of the project, Mr. Sid Jain, at or


Stay tuned for more projects and opportunities.