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This I Believe : Justine Spicciani

I believe in a table set for all. The magic starts from anytime between five to seven in the evening. I hear the musical cling of each dinner plate being placed on top of our dining room table, not long after I hear my mom’s familiar old British voice call out, “sup’s up!” I hear her echo it a few more times, somehow my dad hears her call and he turns off jeopardy which is playing on an unnaturally loud volume. Some of us come in running, some of us come in lazily, it depends how hungry we are.  My three brothers and I gather into our dinning room and take a seat waiting impatiently for each other. My dad sits at the head of the table and offers a prayer.  He prays enthusiastically and adds in a clever remark that he’ll laugh at before ending with an “amen.” Then we eat.

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This I Believe : Aaron Roppoli

Jump a Bush

It is an unavoidable truth that many people suffer from the schedule that can steal freedom and seem to restrict a persons’ character with its repetitiveness. I wasn’t spared from falling victim to the monotony of a schedule. My schedule was the typical one of waking up, going to school, going to work, studying, then going to sleep in order to recharge my body so I could do it all again. It controlled me to the point that my body could go through the day even if it didn’t have a brain. Many times I find myself at home after the 40 minute drive from college and think back on the trip and struggle to remember most of it because of the powerful effect of a boring schedule. But I believe that I can include fun into my life and also break the tight grip that schedules can take on me by doing small actions to change life from a recurring nightmare into an awesome experience.

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Just Some Friendly Advice for Finals~

If you’re a college student, you probably don’t need us to tell you that finals are just around the corner.  In fact, shouldn’t you be studying right now instead of perusing our blog for its (lack of) updates?  Get back to work!  Just kidding, we’re ecstatic you dropped by and we just happen to have something to help you get past that hurdle standing between you and the freedom of summer vacation.  Recently, we put our heads together and brainstormed some study tips to include in our care packages but if by chance you haven’t signed up or been signed up for our shipment of free goodies, we agree that shouldn’t stop you from potentially benefiting from our hopefully helpful advice.  Just promise to do yourself a favor next time and sign up for a CARP care package.  As with most things we produce at CARP, our study tips are much more enjoyable with a mouthful of cookies.~   Continue Reading

NJIT carpies host an easy fundraiser to raise 120 big ones by selling the cutest cake pops I have ever seen in my life

Below is a brief interview of the NJIT CARP club vice pres Satoe Ozawa, who pulled the whole thing together:

How did you come up with that idea and why was it needed?

I just wanted our Carp team to become closer as a family, so I wanted to do something fun but that was productive as well. I stumbled upon cake pops by chance as I was searching the internet on creative goodies we could sell. I didn’t want us to do a regular bake sale like everyone else.
We needed the money because we need funds for our next event. For the first event we did last semester (I hope you remember it! click here in case you don’t), Nolan had to pay out of pocket to provide food and I thought that it was not fair for him. As one of the Z (lowest) ranked clubs, apparently we are not given funding from the school, so we needed to make the money ourselves.
However, my main focus was for our group members to break out of their shell. Most of our carpies are very shy. I wanted to give them an opportunity to become closer together in a relaxed environment and baking together served that purpose well.
Who did the baking?
Almost every member of our Carp group. Some could not make it due to various reasons. In total, I think we had about 8 people come.
How much time and effort did it involve?
Well, the whole baking process took about 5 hours. Before we got to that point, I had everyone create a design and submit it to me. I examined each design, chose a couple, and had to plan out how each was to be made and the ingredients that would be needed.
What did you have to do to make it happen at NJIT?
Making it happen was actually the easiest part. NJIT has a website that has a calendar with all the activities that are going on each day. So all I had to do was look for a date that did not have a bake sale going on, fill out some papers to reserve a table, submit them and I received a confirmation e-mail that very day.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how delicious were the cake pops?
Unfortunately, I did not try any of the cake pops, but I was informed that they were very good. In fact, we had a couple of people buy one, eat it, and then come back to buy another one!
[testimonial from club pres, Nolan Ching, re: the cake pops: “I had a cake pop – it was # 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, especially after a few hours of selling them to other people”]
Tell us about yourself.
So a little about me. I am a Biology major and currently a Freshman (Class of 2015). I am from Nutley, New Jersey. The thing I like most about NJIT is the individual attention they give to each student. It is a small school, so all the professors encourage their students to visit them at their offices out of class if we are struggling. Also, NJIT offers great opportunities to network and make great connections with outside businesses and renowned companies.
Sincerely, Satoe Ozawa
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