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Hi there!

You’re probably wondering, “Who is this? I’ve never seen him before!”

germany 2

This is the city, Düsseldorf’, in Germany where I’m from.

Well, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Takanari Wakayama. I am a CARP member all the way from Germany, and I am here in the States for an internship at CARP America. My dad is Japanese and my mom is from Germany. I grew up in a community in a city called ‘Düsseldorf’ (pronounced du-sil-dorf) after moving from Japan to Germany at a very young age. Currently, I am majoring in Asian Studies. 

Ever since I attended my first workshop as a kid, I was captivated by the atmosphere in which Unification Principles were taught as well as the strong bond between my brothers and sisters. I always wanted more!


CARP of Germany Past: an anti-Communism rally at the Berlin Wall in 1987. The march was led by World CARP President, Hyo Jin Moon.

So at the age of 19, I got the chance to be part of a committee responsible to take care of younger Unificationists studying Unification Principles in HARP (instead of a “collegiate” association, it’s a “high school” association) and to organize similar workshops to the ones which I myself have enjoyed so much.

However, in growing older, I realized it was not enough to just teach young people in their teens about crucial things in life. Follow-up is crucial. Luckily, I got the chance to do just that and be part of a new CARP committee formed in 2014.

As a member of CARP Germany, I feel we often fall short on living up to our country’s rich history. On this very turf, the battle between communism and the free world was fought and won at the Berlin Wall over 26 years ago. CARP members around the world made a huge contribution to this, and it represented the power of what we can achieve when we all work together.


CARP Germany sharing a light moment. (Takanari pictured far left.)

Now, I am here to learn from our elder brother nation, America. I hope this internship can broaden my horizon as well as bring our nations together. Only God knows the challenges that lie ahead where we will need a strong bond as brothers and sisters again.

I’ll be in America for the next 7 weeks, so come by to visit and get to know me! 🙂

*Let’s show him a real American welcome. Welcome him in the comments below or send your greeting to with the subject, “Welcome Takanari!”

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  • Jane Spicciani


    I hope you
    Enjoy meeting college students and debating with them in the states.


  • Michael Drake


    Welcome, Takanari. I hope your time in America will bear great fruit for Heaven and your family.
    God bless.


  • Irmgard


    Nice intro and it is great that you are taking an opportunity to get to know how they developed and reinvented CARP in the States. Also it is interesting to read that USA is now the elder nation, it put a smile on my face, I know though why you said it I think.


  • Sammy Uyama


    Welcome to America Takanari!


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