CARP MANILA Holds Successful Orientation On the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) Campus

Contributed by CARP Manila TUP Campus

After much paperwork, on September 26, CARP was officially registered as a campus club at the Technological University of the Philippines. This was an exciting step forward for the CARP chapter, and they jumped on the opportunity to promote their club immediately.

With special permission from the school, CARP TUP set up a booth on campus to inform students about their activities and to invite them to an orientation later that week. Several CARP members also went around to various classrooms to briefly introduce CARP and invite them to the orientation.


CARP members at the booth on campus promoting CARP with their smiles


Poster welcoming students to the orientation at TUP campus


On the day of the orientation, 155 students showed up!They all seemed curious to know what CARP was all about. The session began with cultural dances and origami making led by the Japanese missionaries. Then the goals and vision of CARP was presented and students were invited to sign up if they were interested in becoming CARP members. In the end, 78 students signed up to become members of CARP TUP.


155 students showed up for the orientation (some even had to stand in the back) to find out more about CARP


One of the Japanese missionaries who helped out with promoting CARP on campus said, “It was my first time coming to this university to promote CARP but the professors and students welcomed us and treated us very warmly.” She went on to express surprise at the overwhelmingly positive response from the students, “So many students showed up to our orientation!”

Shelaine, one of the CARP TUP members shares her experience, “It was great because we had our Japanese missionaries and one brother from Albania, which helped peak interest in CARP. Filipinos love to meet foreigners.”


Shelaine posing with the posters used to promote CARP

CARP TUP is in the process of carrying out their next event. We will keep you updated!       


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