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Programs/Workshops in America

Ever wanted to travel and join a program or workshop organized in America? Look through this list and check out those you may be interested in joining! E-mail Nina Urbonya ( for any questions.


  • A transformative experience in CARP’s Student Empowerment Seminar, STEP UP (STudent EmPowerment through Unification Principles) which includes interactive sessions where students get the chance to study and directly apply Unification Principles to their own lives.
  • Gain skills in creating this seminar in your area and how to empower your local community of students and young adults
  • Public Speaking practice and coaching
  • Learn how to create a powerful event
  • Connect with the most awesome group of student leaders from across the nation and the globe!
  • Network with successful CARP alumni working in your target industry

They are usually held during the winter (January) and summer (July) holidays following the U.S. Academic calendar.

2. Ocean Challenge Program

The aim of this program is to provide the opportunity for participants to build a culture of heart and develop character while learning maritime skills in the Alaskan wilderness.

Participants will gain Internal Guidance Related to the Ocean World and Hands-on Fishing and Boating Education in the Gulf of Alaska.

 Some activities are Divine Principle lectures and application in the marine setting, visitation of True Parents’ historic fishing sites, fellowship services, intensive ocean and river fishing (Pacific salmon and halibut, sea bass and ling cod); seminars on boating (seamanship), boat preparation, fishing techniques, fish processing, certification on boating safety (Kodiak Coast Guard Auxiliary) Other activities include: a fishing tournament, beach bonfires, a public service project, wildlife viewing and a Kodiak City tour.

This program is offered during the summer (July). Check out their website for more information:

3. BCSF- Blessed Children’s Sports Festival

At this festival, teams representing each district gather to compete against each other in various sports such as soccer, Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, badminton, 5K and table tennis. There will also be craft booths to raise funds for different causes.

The dates vary every year. This year 2016, BCSF will take place from August 10 to August 14.

Check out BCSF’s website for more information:

4. Top Gun Workshop

This is 21 day workshop is organized directly through True Mother’s guidance. She is calling those that will be leading our movement over the next 40 years to come together and inherit the tradition of True Parents. This workshop is a chance for participants from all over the world to build relations, create unity and prepare for a new generation of leadership.

Check out the Top Gun Blog:

5. Divine Principle Seminars at IPEC (International Peace Education Center) Las Vegas

  • 7-day Divine Principle Seminar

Seven-day Divine Principle Seminars allow participants to dig deep and gain a greater understanding of God, ourselves and the world. With more time for in depth discussion, bonding and exploring the surrounding area, the 7-day seminars are a great opportunity to reconnect and recharge. All 7-day seminars include a visit to the Grand Canyon and fishing on Lake Mead.

  • 4-Day True Love Divine Principle Retreat

Experience transformation through Divine Principle intensive study, learn how to apply its teachings in daily life with real engagement in the world, and gain the confidence to share it. Participants will have the opportunity to explore God’s beautiful creation with a fishing outing on Lake Mead, and options to visit the Grand Canyon and see a Las Vegas show.

Check out their website for more detailed information:

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Internship/Training Opportunities with CARP America

This is a list of opportunities available in the United States for international candidates who are interested. There will be an application and selection process. If you are interested or have any questions and would like further details, please contact Nina Urbonya (

1. CARP Headquarters Internship:

These internships will give participants experience in event management, budgeting, public speaking, goal setting, marketing, networking, administrative affairs, coaching and other technical skills essential in a professional non-profit/business environment.

The CARP HQ office in New York City offers internships in various areas:

  • Administrative Affairs
  • Program Development (Momentum)
  • Media and Design
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Professional Fundraising
  • Development and Communications

Time Period: May-August

2. CARP Las Vegas Training:

VISION for Witnessing:

  1. 1. CARP members are trained to become future leaders in the environment of witnessing. They learn to lead themselves and others, both spiritually and professionally, thereby naturally leading them to tribal messiahship.
  2. 2. Have CARP and FFWPU be recognized by the local community and greater society through engaging in service projects that help solve real issues in society, so that WE can all be proud of True Parents’ vision and our movement, thereby inheriting and honoring the investment of our elders.
  3. CARP members reach out to high schools and introduce CARP’s vision to establish HARP to the students. By establishing CARP and HARP brothers and sisters as role models, we hope to eventually reach out and raise up middle school students.
  • 4 Areas of Training:
  1. Witnessing (approach, give lectures, guide small group study, etc.)
  2. Outreach (create programs to reach out to professors and other religious organizations on campus, start HARP, etc.)
  3. Media Development (promoting CARP through social media, website, videos, photos, etc.)
  4. Finance (business, funding, grant, etc.)

Time Period: Minimum of 3 months commitment (preferably 6 months)

Check out CARP Las Vegas’ Facebook Page:

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Uganda: Micro-Gardening Project Takes Off!

uganda microgardening2CARP students studying Agricultural and Rural Innovation at the Makerere University gathered to kick-off the “Micro-Gardening Project” at the Uganda Peace Embassy on March 26, 2016 under the guidance of the Makerere University CARP Chapter Leader, Mr. Alinaitwe Cleofash.

This project was organized after the seminar with the theme, “Understanding leadership towards environmental changes in building world peace” that was held 2 weeks prior. After the discussion, participants came to the conclusion that one way that they could make a positive impact on the environment was to start up sustainable projects such as micro-gardening to address climate change and food security.

Ten students participated in the “Micro-Gardening Project”, eight of whom decided to participate in CARP activities after hearing about its activities. 

Vice President of CARP Uganda, Mr. Kyalo Ivan gave a short introduction explaining the vision, mission and strategy for this project. Then the students jumped right into the first stage of the project: setting the bed of tomatoes.

Students were very inspired by this project and many officially signed up to become regular members of CARP. One participant shared, “It was a great and amazing experience because it opened up a practical world for my life.” The participants left feeling accomplished and agreed to return in 3 weeks for the next stage: setting up the stakes and transplanting the seedlings.

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10 Ways to De-Stress

Student Perspective – written by Sung Soon Gaval

Stress is a funny thing. We all experience it, but in different ways. When we’re stressed, we lose sight of why we’re here (our purpose) and what we want (happiness). A quick Google search can clue you into the many techniques used and recommended to combat stress. Although this may give you a new idea or an inspiration, that alone won’t change your life.

Reflect on how you deal with stress.

Get to know yourself. You may find that you de-stress by moving your body, meditating, being alone or with other…but you won’t know until you take the time to look inward. Self-awareness is the key to intentionality.

I discovered that when I manage my stress with these techniques, I am fully present, happy, and free. Then, I am able to be more grateful for the people around me, sensitive to others, and motivated to invest in my big dreams.

Here are 10 ways that I handle stress:

  1. Compassionate friends: When I’m feeling sad or down, spending time with people who are caring, empathic listeners is my number-one way to de-stress. It’s important for me to feel heard.
  2.  My “Feelings Journal”: When I’m overwhelmed, I used to stifle heavy feelings because I didn’t like to be too “emotional.” I realized this just prolonged the problem. I find peace and closure by writing down what I feel and why in a small book that only I will ever see.
  3. Gregarious friends: You know those people in your life that are always ready with a laugh or joke? When I’m ready to take life on, I connect with one of these friends and it gives me confidence to ‘Just Do It.’
  4. Prayer: For me, connecting to God and looking for His perspective brings clarity to my present situation. Getting too wrapped up in the day-to-day can prevent me from seeing the bigger picture. That’s when I reach out to God to keep myself centered.
  5. Creative expression: Jotting poetry, sketching, abstract art, and writing are some ways that I release my feelings onto paper. Being able to visualize and bring to life patterns, designs, metaphors with the stroke of my hand and flick of my wrist sooths me any day.
  6. Power naps: Sometimes, a total reset is in order. For me, that means grabbing a pair of sweatpants and hunkering down for a quick nap. It doesn’t have to be long, but comfort, warmth, and detachment from my racing thoughts and feelings are much needed. (To learn more, read our article, “Taking the ‘Nah’ Out of Naps.”)
  7. Stare at the Water: I have always loved water–oceans, bays, wide rivers, etc. It’s no wonder that when I’m feeling anxious, gazing at the shifting ripples on a tranquil shoreline can do wonders.
  8. My sister: I’m blessed to live with my younger sister while away in college. There’s something incomparable about sharing what weighs me down with her. She’s not going to solve my problems, but she’ll always be by my side while I figure it out.
  9. Action movies: Sometimes, watching an intense movie causes me to feel invigorated and motivated. Something about seeing a character overcome the odds to succeed encourages me too.
  10. Write a to-do list: I get lost in all the things I need to do fairly regularly. I then waste energy trying to juggle between tasks, further slowing myself down. When I choose a single item or two to tackle in a given session, I stay focused.

What are some ways that you tackle stress? Let me know. 🙂

Send an email to with the subject “how I handle stress.” 

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The Journey of a Single Step

Student Perspective Article

Did you know that we’re all storytellers? I don’t mean science-fiction or fairy tales. I’m talking about our stories, the ones we tell ourselves every day about what we can and can’t do, what we like and don’t like, how we feel, and what we are. Our stories are powerful—they literally determine the journey we take to achieve (or miss) our goals.

How can we make our stories work for us, to get the most out of this journey?

When we set a goal for ourselves, we start out with a lot of motivation and hope. We want to succeed, and we believe that we can. Then, along the way, we get discouraged, sidetracked, and, the next thing you know, we’ve wound up far from our goal with little hope or motivation left to continue.

Why does this happen?

First, we stop paying attention to the journey.  Along the way we notice when we’ve made the first mistake, taken the first “cheat” day, skipped the first gym session, etc. After a while, we feel guilty about it, like we’ve let ourselves down, and our story begins to turn against us. When our stories take a turn for the worse, we don’t want to “read” them, and we stop paying attention. That inner discouragement can lead to giving up entirely. After all, how many of us are still pursuing new year’s resolutions by mid-March?

Also, when we challenge ourselves, especially with a new habit, a part of us may feel like we aren’t cut out for this change. I can’t count the number of times I’ve told myself, and other people, “I’m just not athletic,” and used that as a reason why I couldn’t get into sports or exercise consistently. I felt daunted by trying to change and too self-conscious to ask for help.

What can we do to change our story?

Telling yourself that you can’t do it will continue to get you nowhere. Instead of looking at the mountain, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Just embark. It’s not about getting there right now. It’s about proving to yourself that you can do it–that you can create a journey of your very own by making one, single step.

By embarking on this journey, you build trust and confidence in yourself. Yes, you CAN go out for a jog. Yes, you CAN skip the morning coffee. Yes, YOU can. Be your own number one advocate, instead of a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Even big goals are not really “big” goals. They’re often just a series of small goals. Divide them further, and you get your first step. Want to run a marathon? You have to build endurance, day by day.

Don’t do it alone. friends

When I finally decided to start jogging a few times a week, I shared that goal with a friend of mine. Then, I would text her after each session and she encouraged me, helping me feel that I succeeded on my journey for the day. That boost makes a huge difference – it feels like earning one poker chip with each step. After a while, you feel more confident with the more chips you earn, recognizing that losing a chip here and there doesn’t hurt as long as you keep trying.

Start shaping your journey. You CAN go anywhere and you’ll discover something about yourself. You may find it can be quite rewarding and fun…if you let it be. You choose.

Written by Sung Soon Gaval

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