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The Art of Listening


The CARP chapter at the University of Bridgeport invited CARP staff member, Justin Okamoto, to lead an “Active Listening” seminar on February 23, 2016. About 18 people gathered at the student center to learn and practice how to really listen, a skill that is highly underrated as a factor for true, authentic success in relationships.

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” – Bryant H. McGill

The attendees stayed attentive and engaged with the interactive session. Here’s what the students had to say:

“These techniques in listening are applicable in everyday life, from small talk to heart-felt sharings. These practices are approachable. I am resolving to actively sit down and listen to someone this week. Thank you Justin for taking time ot of your busy schedule to share with us.” – Nikolai

“It was a good reminder to ask for permission before starting an important conversation. It’s so simple but so powerful.” -Yasu

“I learned a lot, especially on specifically how to engage in listening. The pair share gave us an opportunity to open up as well as practice compassion and interest.” – Anonymous

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Share the Art of Listening with Your Community!

The ‘Active Listening’ Seminar is one of many presentations available to student chapters and communities. Invite a CARP Staff member to visit your campus or community to facilitate an experience in Active Listening, Goal Setting, Event Planning, Vision Statements, etc. Send a message to to schedule a seminar in your area.


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dominican republic

Dominican Republic: 7-day Divine Principle Workshop

dominican republic

December 14 to 20, 2015 with the theme “Before dominating the Universe, Learn to dominate yourself”, 40 participants. Participants mostly came from the one-to-one teaching program developed at the Carp center during the last three months. The next step is to bring them to a 40-days internal program with the goal of teaching them how to practice the life of faith.

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2015 International Year in Review




In addition to this, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica have motivated leaders who want to establish CARP. About 10 locations have established CARP chapters and but are still working on creating a connection.


190 participants attended the Global TOPGUN workshop in South Korea. CARP attended and staffed this leadership training program.


 August 31st, 3,500 participants from all over the world gathered at the Cheongpyeong training center for this event. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and Sun Jin Moon came to speak.


 Michael Schroeder, a 2015 Global Top Gun participant, became full-time CARP leader for the United Kingdom.  CARP United Kingdom holds CARP talks every week on diverse topics such as spirituality, integrity, maturity, etc.


On November 7-8 2015 around 20 Italian CARP representatives gathered in San Marino to discuss about future programs and to decide the National representatives for the next year. National representatives for the year 2016 were elected by the participants present and via internet. Antonio Vallone was elected for the 2nd year in a row along with new representatives, Fiorella Capone (Global Top Gun participant) and Elena Chirulli.


 Albania CARP IS very active and well-established in several cities: Durrës, Shkodra, Elbasan, and Vlorë. The overall CARP leader is Gani Roshi, who was also a Global TOP GUN participant.


CARP Czech Republic has a different activity/talk/discussion every week, including origami night, Korean culture night, sushi making. Guests are actively encouraged to participate. The newly appointed CARP leader is Veronika Trinklová, another Global Top Gun participant. 


Forty-one Jr. CARP students from Brazil came to Korea for a 40-Day workshop which began at the beginning of March. CARP Brazil is well-established, with very active CARP centers and social media presence.


CARP Philippines held its 3rd International Youth Assembly in which 2,100 youth and student leaders participated. Its theme was “Principled Youth: Lead Act, and Multiply”. This a joint project of World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (WCARP), Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) and International Peace Leadership College (IPLC)


Iberian CARP (Portugal and Spain) held a workshop with the motto was “Many Minds, One Heart: Together for a Higher Purpose”. Participants got together for a weekend in September and forged new friendships while discussing faith and exploring their passions.


CARP Costa Rica visited Las Vegas for a pilgrimage tour from Dec 4th-12th. They joined the Las Vegas CARP team for on-campus recruitment and activities, and visited various historic and significant sites like the Hoover Dam and the International Peace and Education Center.|


In Korea, 450 high school students were introduced to CARP in a workshop. CARP Korea was also involved in volunteer activities near the DMZ, held a CARP Sports Festival boasting 350 participants, a music contest, and another workshop.

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