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CARP Blog Post Guidelines

  Starting in 2015, we have decided to give voice to our members/consultants through personal blog posts. Our hope is that this will start a dialogue on the national level. The ultimate goal of a CARP blog post is to share your experiences. We strive to create active communities that meet weekly to discuss value-based themes such as Spirituality, Relationships, Integrity, Value, or Purpose. If you have any insights on these topics (or anything related to them), we want to encourage you to share with our national network.   Here are some technical suggestions: Continue Reading
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A Value Proposition Just For YOU!

The “holiday season” is officially here, at least according to our recent article on Spirituality. It’s also when a peak of accidents, injuries, depression, and even seasonal affective disorder (SAD – yes, it’s a real thing) occur. Coincidence? Perhaps not. The holiday season brings with it excitement but also stress. Stress. Stress. We hear and feel that a bit too much for our own liking, no? What do we do about it? Continue Reading