Meet the Board: Marjorie Buessing

Written by Yeol-Shim BellPortrait - Marjorie

We happily introduce Mrs. Marjorie Buessing, one of CARP’s Board members responsible for the organizational transformations in the past year. Marjorie brought plenty of experience and knowledge to the team.

A historic family picture from Marjorie’s campaigning days

A historic family picture from Marjorie’s campaigning days.

Since joining the Unification movement in Berkeley, California in 1974, Marjorie has been a business owner (1987-2016), a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives for two terms (1992-1996), a co-author of the 2013 “Family Matching Handbook”, and a support to her husband during his tenure as District Pastor of New England (2006-2013).

Marjorie continues to serve in the Blessed Family Ministry (2004-present), the Board of Trustees for the University of Bridgeport (2011-present), and Camp Aurora (which she founded) held each summer in Moltonborough, New Hampshire. 

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Going Deep at BCSF

Contributed by Teresa Rischl

Two teams (red and blue) unite for a group hug, showing their support for each other beyond team alliances. Good game!

Two teams (red and blue) unite for a group hug, showing their support for each other beyond team alliances. What a beautiful culture!

Over the last few days from August 10-14, over 500 young adults, families, and friends gathered for the Blessed Culture and Sports Festival (BCSF) in Barrytown, New York. In its 12th year, BCSF has become much more than just a ‘sports festival.’ It has incorporated a myriad of culture events such as a fashion show, dance social, game nights, open mic, discussions, spiritual practices, and more.

CARP has become a major proponent of creating certain kind of culture: a principled culture. 

What is a principled culture??

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Student Growth Requires Generational Support

Contributed by David Young

PP EG July

Several CARP staff members have been involved with Project Phoenix, an initiative to create intergenerational partnerships. Even though CARP is a student organization, it has become apparent that its success is dependent on the support of young professionals, graduates, parents, and advisors. Thus, it makes sense that CARP would support the aims of Project Phoenix.

Over the summer, the Phoenix Summit gathered 55 participants from younger and older generations to experience the power of partnership, communication, and innovation. They shared their experiences, prayed with each other, and interacted in activities over the weekend to foster understanding and appreciation of each other.

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Visiting European STF

Contributed by Teresa Rischl

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  • Graduates ceremoniously throw their t-shirts in the air.
  • From left: Teresa Rischl-CARP America, Deborah Cali-STF Director, Nicole Thurner-STF Staff
  • There is always a piece of home with you. Gabby von euw, a GPA graduate, celebrated her brother's graduation from STF.

The Special Task Force (STF) program in Europe hosted its Graduation Ceremony on Sunday, August 7th, 2016 for young adults who completed a year of service, missionary work, and international experiences. Family, friends, and supporters gathered in Gaflenz, Austria at their retreat center for the celebration. 

This year’s graduation was special because it signifies a new relationship between CARP America and European STF. Since there were about 7 American participants on the program, the STF Director, Deborah Cali, reached out to CARP America to attend the ceremony and connect to participants to help with the transition post-program. Teresa Rischl attended the ceremony and also shared a presentation about CARP America, including its recent tribute video to CARP from the past 50 years. Everyone in the audience was roused by the courage and determination of CARP youngsters. CARP alumni in the audience were particularly heartened to be reminded of their own youth and activism. 

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Happy 50th Anniversary, CARP!

This year we celebrate 50 years of CARP history. To commemorate the special occasion, we have been collecting testimonies, stories, pictures, and documents to remember and honor the past. 

Relive the excitement. See what CARP was all about in our Tribute Video below…

We also wanted to use this special opportunity to invest in the future. On July 30, 2016, we inaugurated the Hyo Jin Moon Scholarship Fund to honor the legacy of the first World CARP President and the eldest son of the founders, Father and Mother Moon. Yeon Ah Moon, the wife of Hyo Jin Moon and the International President of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, shared of Hyo Jin Moon’s legacy, heart, and values. She also initiated the fund with seed money to be multiplied and shared for the benefit of students in the future. 

Stay tuned for more details. If you would like to donate, click here!

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