Chapter Highlight: Boston Meets CARP


With over 250,000 college students attending the 100+ colleges and universities in the area, Boston has a reputation to defend: being a college city that provides excellent education. Needless to say, it draws the interest and support of CARP whose aim is to empower college students. Basically Boston represents the mecca of college empowerment and support. Therefore, CARP is very proud to announce that this past Saturday, December 14th, CARP held its very first Interest Meeting with about 10 people in attendance.

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‘Tis the Season To Give Back

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“If You Can’t Feed 100 People, Then Just Feed One.”

According to the Coalition for the Homeless, New York City consists of more than 59,000 homeless people, a large portion of whom are families. Worst of all, this figure continues to grow. As the weather gets colder in NYC and with the constant presence of the homeless on the streets of Manhattan, the local CARP chapter sought to address the issue. The CARP @ New York City chapter hosts their weekly meetings on Wednesdays during the lunch hour. In preparing for the season of giving, they decided to base their semester community impact event on feeding the homeless. Although they recognized it was just a first small step, at least it was something. In the words of Mother Teresa, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” Continue Reading
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A Value Proposition Just For YOU!

The “holiday season” is officially here, at least according to our recent article on Spirituality. It’s also when a peak of accidents, injuries, depression, and even seasonal affective disorder (SAD – yes, it’s a real thing) occur. Coincidence? Perhaps not. The holiday season brings with it excitement but also stress. Stress. Stress. We hear and feel that a bit too much for our own liking, no? What do we do about it? Continue Reading