Newsbite: Back to School Edition

CARP is back in full swing! Chapters across the country hosted their first events and are gearing up for more.

Check out what they did:

Las Vegas, NV

First Tribe Talk of the Fall 2017 Semester 08/31/17


On Thursday, August 31, CARP Las Vegas held its first Tribe Talk of the semester! It was a joyous and empowering evening. There were people 52 people in total, including 22 first timers. We were especially grateful to welcome Mrs. Sandra Blake Toles and her sister Mrs. Lois Tunstall, who were called by God to be campus ministers at UNLV.


After everyone was introduced, the MC introduced the topic of discussion, which was “How can I be truly happy in my life.” Everyone divided into small groups to discuss the reading and find their own personal answer to that question based on the principle that “true, lasting joy is living a life for the sake of others.” Through discussion and a visualization, participants were encouraged to set goals for themselves. One brother shared his inspiration to live according to his conscience. Another brother shared his determination to live for one week with no regrets.


Everyone enjoyed discussing and bonding with their discussion “families,” and are excited to come back for the next theme. It is going to be a semester of growth and transformation!

Bay Area, CA

CARP Sunday Service 09/03/17

Feeling a need to start off the Fall semester and connect to the young people in their community, CARP Bay Area held a Sunday Service on September 3 at the Hearst House.


History of CARP Presentation 09/05/17

Ten CARP members heard a presentation on the history of the Cold War/Communism, the “new left” in America and about CARP from the 1960’s to 1985. The students wanted to hear stories and gain an understanding of why Father Moon created CARP. Markus Von Euw and Christine Froelich gave the presentations. 


Dallas, TX

Back to School BBQ 09/04/17


We had a successful Back to School BBQ hangout in Grapevine TX! Over 30 people attended the event! We had singing, dancing, icebreakers, group activities, BBQ, swimming , volleyball, and more.

It was an amazing experience!

Grand Rapids, MI

Club Fair 08/26/17


CARP chapter debut at Grand Rapids Community College was a success. We have 30+ people interested in joining us and other organizations are willing to collaborate with us.

Bridgeport, CT

Club Fair 09/06/17

University of Bridgeport held its Club Fair on September 6!


Newark, NJ

Sharing the Summer 07/2017

2852309(New Jersey Institute of Technology)

“I thought that the sharing session with our elders went really well. I personally felt liberated to be able to share the thoughts going through my mind and the emotions that I felt during CARP Momentum. At first, I felt nervous to share because there were so many people, but, after I shared, I felt really relieved and liberated because I felt like I was holding onto so much energy and inspiration. My vision of this sharing wasn’t exactly as I thought, but I’m glad that there were more than enough people to listen to our testimonies.” – Kei Nakamura

Los Angeles, CA

Discussion Meetup 08/24/17


We, East Los Angeles College (ELAC), hosted a discussion group event with all of CARP LA in attendance. There were about 20 people in attendance. The theme for this Discussion Event was the Reunification of North and South Korea. Takahito Kikuchi, CARP ELAC’s President, gave the introduction of CARP and of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. We introduced ourselves in groups, read Father Moon’s words about reunification and discussed about the reading and on discussion questions. This discussion took about an hour.

Most attendees were CARP, but we had three guests: Kevin, David, friends of CARP ELAC’s core team, and Raquel. David was skeptical in the beginning, but because everyone was so friendly, he ultimately had an amazing time. David is originally from Vietnam and lived there for seven years. He saw firsthand the effect that communism had in his country and felt very passionate on the topic. Raquel really enjoyed her time talking with her group and the atmosphere we created. Raquel never cared for this issue before, but after talking with her group, she realized how important this issue on North and South Korea is.

More news stories from campuses coming soon! Stay tuned! 

Interested in becoming a CARP Member? Sign up here

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We Will Always Remember


2017 marks the fifth year of the passing of one of CARP’s founders, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, also known as Father Moon.

Father Moon dedicated his life to making a world of peace and created CARP as a movement of young people for peace.

Today, CARP America remembers his legacy:

MTMday02 (9)

“When thinking of Father Moon, I think of a universal man–a man who pioneered the idea of ‘living for the sake of others’ and ‘living for a purpose greater than the self’ as the way to peace and harmony for humankind.

I love these ideas because they go beyond religion, race and nationality. The fact that every human being regardless of their religion, race and nationality can resonate with them makes them so precious.

I believe every person wants peace and harmony, but it is in ‘how to achieve peace and harmony’ that we get stuck. When thinking of the cause of conflict and disharmony, we can come to an agreement that selfishness is in most cases the root of it all.

It is when my selfishness meets another’s selfishness that conflict becomes unavoidable.That’s why I think that Father Moon’s ideas of ‘living for the sake of others’ or being as selfless as possible and ‘living for a purpose greater than the self’ are very important.

However, for me what is very inspiring about Father Moon is not that he had these great ideas, but the fact that he actually lived his entire life applying them. Where there was war, he wanted to go there and be the bridge. Where there was hunger, he not only provided food for people, but taught them how to farm so they can be able to grow their own food.

It is his dedication to live for the sake of others that inspires me the most and It is my conviction that if each member of our society can apply Rev. Moon’s idea of ‘living for the sake of others,’ peace, unity and harmony can be a reality.”

Josue Haebangja Kisile, Grand Rapids Community College, MI


When I was younger, I’ve had a many opportunities to attend Father Moon’s events as a student in Korea, but I didn’t really have a deep understanding of how incredible he was, and why and how he could walk his path enduring difficulties and trials that other people could not.

Now, however, I have a little deeper understanding about it. I believe I’ve come to know Father Moon’s heart a little more.

Looking at Mother Moon and following her through CARP these last two years, I can see her hard work and all her effort and her hope toward the younger generation. She is very much united with Father Moon’s vision.

Father Moon, thank you for letting me know why I was born and what we and this world are meant to become.

Someday, I hope to talk to you about how much I accomplished.”

Atsuki Imamura, New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ

MTMday02Prayer (7)

“For as long as I can remember, Father Moon had inspired me. I have heard many stories and testimonies of all the great things he accomplished and how Father Moon changed people’s lives. However, I am inspired by an earlier point in his life when he was sixteen years old.

In Father Moon’s autobiography As a Peace Loving Global Citizen, he shares about his childhood and experiences growing up in Korea. There’s a point in his life where it feels his world is crashing down around him. His village is poor, a portion of his family’s livestock dies, and, worst of all, five of his siblings die in the same year. At the time, he was sixteen years old.

In a moment of desperation and immense sadness, he turns to God and asks why so much suffering is happening and what is the point of life. Through his discussion with God, he heard God asking him to end the suffering in the world and build a world of peace.

After battling the decision for a while, Father Moon decides to become the person who could end all suffering for God and every person on earth. He then worked the rest of his life in pursuit of this goal.

What moves me from this testimony is the commitment he maintained from that moment on. When I think of Father Moon, I think of three things: Love, Truth, and Integrity. I believe he embodied these things deeply and brought them more into the world.

Father Moon is a role model for my life and someone I aspire to inherit from. He taught me that no matter how terrible the situation I can have a heart to cry for other people in the world and work to end others’ pain. I can live not for my sake, but for the sake of others, for the sake of the world. If I can live my life in that way while giving love, embodying truth and having integrity, I can be a force that changes the world for the betterment of all people.

Thank you, Father Moon, for truly being a peace loving global citizen and teaching me to be the same.”

Sarah Takhar, Pasadena City College, CA


“It’s strange, even though I have never met Father Moon, I feel like I know him. Father Moon is someone who has always been a leader and a role model. Books could be written about any one of his achievements, and he has too many to count.

However, what he has left behind for me is an example of love and leadership to strive for and a presence that gives me comfort. As the president of our CARP chapter in Las Vegas, I have a lot that I am responsible for as a leader and many people whom I am trusted to care for. I am also a perfectionist by nature.

Together, that combination leads me to stress out and to criticize myself, sometimes a little too much. When that happens, I try to pause for a second and think of what Father Moon would tell me.

I can imagine his penetrating gaze but with a twinkle in his eyes, his intense focus but with a grin at the corners of his mouth. He reminds me that no matter how serious and important my work is, there’s always a reason to smile.

Life is meant to be filled with joy, and there’s no time to dwell in worry and fear. This is how Father Moon’s legacy lives and grows within me.”

Jinil Fleischman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV


“I’ve had a lot of opportunities to see and meet Father Moon growing up. I saw him so many times, I’ve come to think of him as my own elderly father.

One time, when I was eleven, I was in Korea for a 40 day retreat. The retreat was located near a lake where Father Moon often fished; however, no one was expecting to see him.

I went down by the lake for water when I saw him on the dock with a few of his children. Unable to contain myself, I ran over to the bushes and watched him. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I was enthralled.

I was breaking my retreat schedule, but still I continued to wait there, watching for the better part of an hour until he finished. He started coming up from the dock, and I began to panic. I wasn’t supposed to be there, and there wasn’t anywhere to hide.

I stood frozen as he walked up with his entourage and got into his car. From the passenger seat, he waved one of his party over and handed him something.

The man came up to me and gave me some sweets from Father Moon. I then watched as he drove away.

It’s hard for me to imagine what Father Moon went through, like his six unjust imprisonments including once in a concentration camp, but in that moment, I realized, as much as I had come to see Father Moon as my father, he saw me as his child, even though he had never met me before. Despite his experiences, he never diminished his ability to love all humankind.

I promise, Father, that I will continue to live the legacy of love you created. Thank you for everything.”

Jennifer Pierce, National CARP staff

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CARP Cypress Opens Hearts and Doors on Campus

Contributed by Joshua Holmes

IMG_9059Joshua Holmes, Sophomore, ready to serve!

Six members of CARP Cypress, myself (Joshua Holmes), Ori Morton, Isaac Yusuke Takeu, Harumi Muranaka, Dimas Soto, and Brandon Taga, took initiative to build bonds with our professors and our school and had amazing results!

Before school officially started, Cypress College volunteered at the Welcome Back/Orientation for the professors, students, and faculty on Friday, August 25. 

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

We originally hoped to perform the MuJoGeon dance, which we learned and performed in New York at Mother Moon’s “Peace Starts With Me” Rally. Even though we didn’t get a chance to do that, we still wanted to offer something!


We connected with the Student Government (Associated Students) on campus and volunteered to help them with the food booth at the Orientation. We were the only club who had reached out and asked to help and, therefore, the only club officially represented at this event.

A Heart to Serve

Our  intention was to serve the professors and students on our campus. We wanted to start the year off by showing that CARP Cypress appreciated the work of the professors and that we were ready to serve our campus community (that’s the reason we wanted to perform the MuJoGeon dance: because it was about unconditional service)! Secondly, we wanted to put our name out there and start the semester off with a bang!

IMG_8990Harumi Muranaka working at the booth.

“As a student here, I want to invest in the Cypress community and do what I can to support faculty and my peers through different school events such as today’s professor orientation. It was challenging to serve such a large group of faculty but knowing how hard each member works for the students, I was happy to serve them in this small way.” – Harumi Muranaka, Junior


We were able to develop powerful relationships with the Student Government. We got there half an hour earlier than the Government Officers did; even before they arrived, we were helping to set up tables. It turned out they were very understaffed for this event, so they were extremely grateful to us. CARP stepped in to help in many areas so it felt like we were also part of the Student Government.

Through our sincere effort to support and offer ourselves, the Student Government responded with gratitude and were also inspired by the message and mission of CARP. Many expressed that they wanted to join and even invited their friends or peers to come and listen to what we had to say!

IMG_8974(Left to Right) Harumi Muranaka and Ori Morton setting up for the event. 

We had many opportunities  to connect to new students. While serving food, people (including  parents who came to the Orientation with their children) asked about CARP. Isaac, a core member at CARP Cypress, went around to connect to other students, and even, on one occasion, sat down with a new student who looked lonely.

“People were interested and felt connected to what CARP wants to achieve, especially to our values and about healthy relationships. I feel like we can provide what students really need right now.” – Isaac Yusuke Takeu, Sophomore

Additionally, Isaac and I had the chance to reach out to the Campus Christians that had a booth nearby. We listened to their visions and had a chance to share about CARP’s current focus to reunify North and South Korea and our dream to bring people of all faiths together centered upon God. They expressed interest to work together to create something powerful on campus.

IMG_9066Joshua Holmes serving professors and repping CARP. 

Inspiring Professors and Faculty

I could not even count the number of professors that asked us what CARP was when they were waiting in line for food. All expressed interest in our mission.

However, our biggest surprise was when the President of Cypress College, Dr. Schilling,  came up to Ori and Isaac and asked about CARP.

“Dr.Schilling seemed very interested in our club and seemed to agree with our goals and mission statement so that was very motivating.” – Ori Morton, Sophomore

“After sharing about CARP, the President said: ‘People need this kind of environment.’ It was inspiring to see that CARP and the President could have similar vision and see in the same way.” – Isaac Yusuke Takeu, Sophomore

IMG_9002Ori Morton posing by the cookies.

One of CARP Cypress’s goals is to develop positive relationships  with professors on campus. We want to inherit from Father and Mother Moon’s dream of having a powerful impact on campus through both students and professors. In that respect, I think we achieved part of our goal!

In the end, we realized that God is definitely moving here at Cypress. Although the initial vision for performing the dance was lost, because we were motivated and determined to offer something beautiful to the people here on campus, God could find a way to open up another door! 

In the next few weeks, CARP students and chapters will be heading back to school! The CARP spirit is to serve– stay tuned for more ‘back to school’ stories and be part of the fun! Join CARP and make a difference on your campus!

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Las Vegas Creates Leaders on a Road Trip

As summer comes to a close, we look back at the inspiring initiative of CARP Las Vegas who created a cross-country leadership training to deepen their friendships, faith, and understanding of God’s providence. 

_DSC8322CARP Las Vegas in front of the Washington Monument where Father Moon spoke in the 1970s. 

For 50 days during the summer, CARP Las Vegas brought 19 of their members on a cross country leadership training. From May 28 to July 16, they traveled from California to New York, stopping in various states along the way.

The purpose of this trip was to strengthen the participants’ practice in the Principles they’ve been studying and to learn how to share them in real, practical ways.

“I am really grateful for the 40-day leadership training! I have changed a lot! Through this training I have been challenged to increase my capacity to love especially in situations where it may seem difficult to love my brothers and sisters.” – Jonathan Daza

_DSC8137CARP Las Vegas at Unification Theological Seminary where they visited their member Micheal Cordero during Generation Peace Academy’s graduation ceremony. 

A cross country trip was in the works since January of this year. The core members in LV wanted to give their members a chance to grow from being participants to being leaders and realized only a retreat experience would allow the kind of growth they desired.

Their trip had five major components: fundraising, pilgrimage, workshops, community outreach, and mobilization leading up to Mother Moon’s Peace Starts With Me Rally at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Fundraising training had two purposes: to fund the trip itself (very practical) and to practice sharing about CARP as a way to deepen their understanding. While fundraising, the members faced rejection but used those experiences to learn through it, realizing the value of the Principle. 

“It was my first time to do fundraising where we go out for a whole day. It was very hard, and I almost gave up until I realized the importance of being a mediator for God. I learned the pain and challenge of loving people unconditionally. Even though I felt pain when I was treated like trash by people, I felt how much the person is important to God and True Parents. I realized how much I was important as well.” – Misato Koiso

IMG_20170605_100606Their morning singing to bring up the spirit before fundraising. 

The second part of their trip was a pilgrimage visiting Father and Mother Moon’s (True Parents’) historic landmarks where workshops, seminars, speeches, and different activities inspired the masses with Unification Principles. 

Through places like the Unification Theological Seminary (the graduate school founded to unite and teach world religions), East Garden in New York (Father and Mother Moon’s main residence in America), and the Washington Monument (where Father Moon spoke to thousands on the national mall), CARP LV was able to experience and appreciate True Parents’ work in the United States.

_DSC8454Belvedere, NY, True Parents’ training center in New York where members learned about Unification Principles.

“This pilgrimage taught me a lot about [True Parents] and how much investment and love they had. I can see them more through the [challenges] they had to go through and how they cared so much for God through visualizations or objects rather than just hearing stories.” – Jennifer Silero

After the pilgrimage, CARP LV traveled to Camp KOHOE (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) in Michigan and hosted an introduction to Unification Principles workshop for young Unificationists and friends from June 16 to June 18. New and returning students of the Principle gathered from nearby states and all could see the transformation of understanding the Principle for the first time. 

_DSC8838Workshop at Camp KOHOE.

The second workshop CARP hosted was in Dallas, Texas from June 26 to July 3, which focused on Father and Mother Moon’s life. Local Unificationists also participated. This workshop was a great preparation for True Mother’s upcoming rally that would take place in New York in the next few weeks. 

During the community outreach portion, CARP LV visited different Unificationist communities (like Clifton, NJ, Bowie, MD, and more) and shared their profound outreach experiences in CARP. CARP LV also facilitated discussion forums for the local community. 

“By intermingling with [CARP LV] and hearing their testimonies, [the communities] were able to connect personally to the idea of [outreach].” – Jinil Fleischman

_DSC8634Community Outreach.

The last leg of their trip took place in New York City from July 9 to July 15th where they “mobilized” people by inviting them to Mother Moon’s “Peace Starts With Me” rally. Through the training up until this point, CARP LV members felt connected to Mother Moon as they shared with others about her dream for peace.

“I felt closer to [Mother Moon] through testifying to her and the event to many people from different backgrounds. I was more prepared to receive the event and understand the value of it through people who have been searching for someone who stands for peace.” – Abby Richardson

_DSC8418New York City and CARP Las Vegas. 

They also participated in the rally and saw Mother Moon live. Hearing about her for 50 days and then actually getting to meet her was deeply moving for the participants of the trip.

“I felt so much pride in [Mother Moon] and the event. Madison Square Garden was really a time where we were coming together as brothers and sisters, and as God’s children, no matter how different we are. It made me really think and appreciate the position that I was in to be a part of this event.” – Marcus Fuller, Jr.

They held their graduation completion ceremony for their trip on July 16 at Belvedere Training Center in New York, another special place where True Parents’ legacy continues on.

_DSC8873CARP Las Vegas excited and pumped to be moving forward this year!

Based on the foundation they laid in the summer, Las Vegas hopes to build on that momentum. Every weekend since, they host Principled Life training workshops to help build on what they have gained. They are also hosting a Pure Love workshop to emphasize the importance of God-centered relationships and abstinence before marriage. They formed trinities (groups of three) to continue to support each other at home and solidify the healthy habits they learned.

“The biggest impact will be the spiritual lives of the people who went to the trip. Having been raised from being CARP members to being core members, so they can be staff in the future…through having attended the trip, will received the training to keep sharing the value of Unification Principles.” – Jinil Fleischman

CARP Las Vegas also plans to do more of these trips in future, and they hope to include more people from other communities across America. CARP Las Vegas plans to do more of these trips in future, and they hope to include more people from other communities across America. 

This trip is truly inspiring for us in CARP and in America because it is a success story. A successful endeavor by young people to nurture and grow young people to be the standard bearers of hope and leadership in this country, not just in their own community but in other communities as well. As the future gets more uncertain, there will be a need for young people who are not uncertain about where they stand in faith and in leadership. 

CARP Las Vegas is filling that need. 

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Welcoming an Exciting New Voice to CARP

Contributed by Katya Beebe

17498776_10154275927531078_3164054324469881677_nJennifer giving a sermon at the Los Angeles Family Church in March 2017. 

A few things have been happening at CARP this summer. Two of CARP’s most active chapters, CARP Los Angeles and CARP Las Vegas, have organized separate initiatives – the International Exchange Trip to Japan and Korea and the 2017 CARP Las Vegas Summer Leadership Training respectively.  

The CARP America National Team is excited to welcome a new staff member, Jennifer Pierce! A member of CARP LA who also reported on the recent international exchange trip, Jennifer is a wonderful addition to the team as the new Program Assistant.

To better introduce her and have you, our readers and supporters, get to know her, we asked Jennifer about her ambitions and her experience as a college student and with CARP and what her new role can offer.

FullSizeRender1 (3)Jennifer and her family at her commencement ceremony, May 16, 2016. 

Writing for Positive Values

Jennifer is 22 years old and two years out of college. She attended Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles (just by the beach!) from September 2012 to December 2015 and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in screenwriting.

Growing up in the Hollywood hub, Jennifer always loved movies and the movie-making process. In high school, she was a writer for the school newspaper. To merge her two interests, Jennifer decided to pursue screenwriting in college.

10426635_10203022863971505_4371435168731068549_nWorking on set in her apartment.

While writing scripts for movies and TV pilots, with a little bit of voice acting on the side, Jennifer thought about the impact her screenwriting could have on the world.

“I would love to use screenwriting to promote positive values to present a counter-proposal [to what the media presents today]. I think the media is really skewed toward negative things right now.”

Jennifer has truly tapped into the potential she believes she can have in the world of entertainment. At this time, she imagines a self-production route using the scope of the internet as a way to break into and disrupt the industry dominated by Hollywood.

Living Outside My Parent’s Home

Needless to say, Jennifer’s conviction to spreading positive values aligns with CARP’s mission to empower students to study and share the Unification Principles. During college, however, Jennifer did not have a CARP chapter on her campus, which is something she wished she could have experienced.

20840475_10155392711823382_1599139335_nJennifer and her film major friends at their end of the year bonfire. 

“I did have fun in college, but did it have purpose? I wish I had a CARP-like structure. It would have provided me with more conviction towards what I wanted to do [earlier on].”

Still, Jennifer found a way to stay true to her convictions. For example, when Jennifer was living with a roommate, she was determined to clean the house every day. In building up this good habit, her roommate felt so grateful especially when her next roommate wasn’t so helpful in the cleaning department.

Besides learning to cook and clean for herself (which Jennifer encourages all students to experience, even in their parent’s house), Jennifer also learned how to share her faith with her college friends.

“In an environment that doesn’t support [my beliefs] 100%, [once I shared], my roommate was respectful. A lot of people don’t have that kind of experience. I had friends who supported me and respected me.”

13220914_10208404007191413_1311337050084611856_nJennifer and her friends during commencement.

Because Jennifer first and foremost believed in herself and her faith, she could confidently explain that to those around her even though they were living in another kind of culture.

In this light, Jennifer could be open about her habits and convictions to not date or drink and to even attend the Marriage Blessing Ceremony conducted by True Parents in Korea in 2013.

To share with other people on your campus allows you to eventually find support even from those who might not share your values. It’s like saying your goals out loud so someone can hear them and hold you accountable to them. This was Jennifer’s college experience.

13325538_10209845289468783_7413234393650563013_nJennifer and CARP in Japan in 2016. 

Becoming a Dedicated CARPie

Finally, in the summer before her last semester in 2015, Jennifer got a chance to work with CARP. She went out every day with CARP LA members to do community outreach and share what CARP was all about with others.

“I didn’t enjoy it at first, but then I found that if I really believed in these things [the Unification Principles] then I should be able to share it.”

This was the same approach Jennifer took in college where she developed confidence in the things she believed in which then she could share confidently.

By the fall semester, a CARP chapter was formed at Pasadena City College (the first campus chapter to open under the CARP LA parent branch). Even though she was finishing up her studies at LMU, she stepped up as Event Coordinator to continue outreach initiatives for the CARP Pasadena branch.

“It was a very rocky start and a learning experience. [For the semester] we put on one community service event, one fundraising event, and one social event.”

12472329_1694675777449203_5328471791464643015_nJennifer sharing Unification Principles during a CARP Pasadena meeting. 

The Momentum retreat organized by National CARP in January 2016 gave Jennifer and her team more tools and processes to put on even more successful events and campaigns. One of these events was a partnership with the local bowling alley wherein CARP Pasadena was able to raise funds from the tickets sold.

Since the spring of 2016, Jennifer joined the bigger leagues as a CARP LA Board Member along with Jermaine Bishop, Yuri Kaneko, and Hitoe Hiraki (who will be starting up a CARP chapter at Cal State LA this fall). In this role, Jennifer has been supporting chapters in the LA area and facilitating communication.

20292629_10154547592466736_4936712660089755603_nJennifer with (bottom L to R) International Liaison Nina Urbonya, National CARP President Teresa Rischl, and (top) CARP LA President Jermaine Bishop.

Starting in a New Role at CARP America

Jennifer’s experience as a CARP LA Board Member lends itself well to her new role as Program Assistant with the National CARP.

The role of Program Assistant consists of two objectives:

  • Chapter support: providing tools and resources to college and community chapters. This could be information on how to start up or maintain a chapter, assistance in clarifying chapter goals, and providing samples of chapter constitutions.   
  • Communications: reporting on local chapter events and providing inspiring stories via the CARP website and social media channels. This could be collecting local chapter news from chapter reps, conducting interviews with students, and facilitating communication between chapters.

In addition to her new role, Jennifer will continue her ministry work as a Sunday School teacher and a LA Family Church council member to give back to her local community. She will also carry on her work as a CARP LA chapter member and staff while conveniently working at Pasadena City College.

“It’s kind of funny because I’m going to actually be communicating with myself.”

Let’s not have Jennifer only communicating with herself! She is a resource for all chapters across the US looking for support or to be inspired and empowered to continue the important work that CARP does for the college student demographic.

20228629_10156050417569879_4887668473730028860_nJennifer with other CARP leaders at Momentum Leaders Retreat 2017

“I am excited to see how much further we can go as CARP America. I am excited to be a part of that.”

And we are excited to have Jennifer on board and look forward to the progress we can make together.

Email Jennifer at for chapter support and check out all CARP communications at and on our Facebook page.

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