25 Things We are Grateful For

With Thanksgiving coming up and the end-of-the-year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to stop, reflect, and give thanks for all we have been given. Gratitude has a powerful impact on our spirit.

“My motto in life is ‘How can I live today with more gratitude than yesterday?’ I have tried to live a life in which I am more grateful today than I was yesterday, and in which I will be even more grateful tomorrow than I am today. It has been my life’s goal to have gratitude in my heart every day.” – Mother Moon

Here at CARP, we are grateful for so many things and we want to take a moment to acknowledge the people who have contributed to CARP’s success this year.

25 Things We are Grateful For

19488667_1490010267726783_6244481158741455342_oMother Moon speaking to CARP America students in Korea. 

  1. Our Founders, Father and Mother Moon. First, we’d like to thank our founders, Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, for their vision, heart, and continued investment in youth. This year, Mother Moon hosted 120 CARP members to join her for a meal, was the keynote speaker at the Peace Starts with Me Rally in New York, and, more recently, the keynote speaker at the Global Peace Rally in Korea, inspiring many of our students to host their own events on campus, like CARP LV’s “Peace Starts with Me” Campus Talks

  2. Family Federation for World Peace & Unification USA. Thank you to Family Federation USA, Dr. Kim, Dr. Balcomb, and Rev. Buessing, for supporting CARP through your encouragement, inspiration, promotion, scholarships, and more. We are all working to create one family under God. 

  3. Our Generous Donors. Thank you also to our donors, both monthly and special event donors. Nothing would be possible without your generosity.

  4. Our Students. Thank you, students! You’re the bread and butter for CARP and make this the student movement that we love to be a part of (even after we graduate and are no longer students…we’re students of life and that counts!). 

    21751887_10209584782038816_3929690880028985515_nCARP North Lake repping CARP at Club Fair this semester.

  5. Our Established Chapters. Thank you to our registered CARP clubs on campus that are a creating an environment for students to discover the power of the Principle through discussions, service projects, seminars, retreats, and more. Fourteen chapters have done the work of finding a faculty advisor, filling out the proper paperwork, and engaging students this semester.

  6. Our Faculty Advisors. Thank you to our faculty advisors for working with us so we can be a registered club on campuses and supporting (many times attending) our meetings and events!  

  7. Our Community Supporters. Thank you to our community supporters. Whether it’s a hot meal, transportation, attending our events, or anything else, our supporters hold a special place in our hearts (you could say the wind beneath our wings!). We are especially grateful to Kodan for your help and support. 

  8. Our Professors. Thank you to our professors who teach us so much every day. This year in Las Vegas, several professors recommended student to join CARP and participated in the Campus Talks.Our Professors. You are training the future leaders of the world!

    1D3A3063Gerry Servito speaking at Culture Wars in January this year. 

  9. Our Educators. Thank you to our educators for always endowing your wisdom and knowledge onto us. You are a tremendous help at retreats and have made yourselves available even for questions via email. 

  10. Our Chapter Reps and Leaders. Thank you to our chapter reps for leading and managing your chapters while simultaneously connecting with the national team AND being students yourselves! 

  11. GPA. Thank you to Generation Peace Academy (GPA) for joining our local CARP chapters in their activities and inviting us to be part of yours. You train and prepare students so well for public service through your gap year program, sending such quality leaders to continue their training in CARP. Our partnership is a treasured one. 

  12. HARP. Thank you to the High School Association for the Research of the Principle (HARP) for getting started and involved! We’re excited to have you on board with us.

  13. International Chapters. Thank you to our international chapters for hosting us in Japan and Korea and for collaborating and sharing your stories. We’re always inspired by your activities!

    22829779_293012494535496_6962466349486687104_oBay Area CARP at their Ignite program with their community.  

  14. Our Local Communities. Thank you to our local communities for hosting us around the country! Special thanks to local pastors who encourage us with wisdom and spiritual guidance, recommending students to apply their faith in applicable ways on campus. It takes a village to develop global citizens and we are so grateful to learn, grow, and serve our campuses and communities together with you.

  15. Technology. Thank you internet and technology for allowing us to connect nationwide with ease via Facebook, our monthly newsletter, Zoom, and more. #BeGratefulForTheLittleThings

  16. Our Mentors. A BIG thank you to all of our mentors for constantly giving us guidance and helping us grow. Everyone needs a role model and we are so grateful you are there to guide us along the way. 

  17. Our Family and Friends. Thank you to our family and friends for supporting us, taking care of us, and for reminding us of our value and purpose. 

    IMG_0651Emily Iseda (UCLA) with staff member Nina Urbonya. 

  18. Our Alumni. Thank you to all CARP alumni who have pioneered, led the way, and created a trail for us to follow! We have so much to learn and we are grateful for sharing your stories and being a stand for a principled environment on campus. 

  19. Our Developing Chapters. Thank you to our developing chapters for working hard and wanting to be part of our CARP family! It’s not always easy to get started and it takes special people to start something new. 

  20. Our Hubs. Thank you to our newly established hubs for managing multiple chapters and pushing to open more!

    15137623_1320810601283350_8683197764582301750_oChungbom Katayama and Kwasi Boakye learning how to teach Unification Principles at a retreat. 

  21. Our National Board of Directors. Thank you to our National Board of Directors for helping CARP move forward through overseeing strategic planning, accountability, programming, financial transparency, and more. 

  22. Our Campuses. Thank you to all college and university campuses that host us, for giving us the opportunity to be part of campus life!

  23. Our Partner Organizations and Clubs. Thank you to our partner organizations and clubs! We look forward to working more with you this next year!

  24. Our Interns and Volunteers. Thank you to our interns and volunteers for your time and dedication. 

  25. Our National Staff team. Finally, thank you to our all of our national staff members across the country that work to bridge the gap and provide opportunities to students everywhere. 

We couldn’t have done it without the support and prayers of countless individuals like you. From all of CARP, thank you!

We invite you to take a moment (or a few) to reflect on, What are you grateful for?


If you want to be part of the magic and experience the joy of giving, support CARP by donating on #GivingTuesday by going to carplife.org/donate

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Uniting Professors and Students on Campus

Contributed by Denthew Learey

CSNgroupphoto UNLVgroupphoto

On November 1st and 8th, CARP Las Vegas held special ‘Campus Talks’ on their two campuses, College of Southern Nevada (CSN) and University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), with the theme “Peace Starts with Me.” This event was inspired by Mother Moon’s Peace Starts with Me Rally at Madison Square Garden (MSG) earlier this year.

The purpose of the Campus Talks was to create a space for professors and staff to share their knowledge and wisdom to students and to strengthen the relationship between the two. The goal was to create a cultural shift on the campuses to be more positive, interconnected, and empowering.

Getting Started

To help get the word out, CARP members went to over eighty classes to make an announcement and invite students to attend. Some of the professors even gave extra credit to the students who attended. CARP students also performed live music throughout campus and passed out flyers to advertise.

“One of the most exciting things about preparing for this Campus Talk was the unity and passion that we felt to make it happen. This time, it wasn’t just the usual CARP staff who made it happen, but it was a unified effort of all the students who are involved in CARP and who have been studying [Unification Principles] this semester. We had a campaign to ask permission from professors to speak in front of their class about the event.

Everybody contributed to make that happen, even people who had only meet CARP a week before. It gave everyone a sense of ownership over this event and CARP’s vision. I think it was the power of that unity that made it a great event. Also, we all contributed on the day of the event in playing music at our booth on campus and passing out flyers to students.

Through holding the event, and through all of our effort to reach out to students leading up to it, I felt that we were able to make our presence known on the UNLV campus, and we could feel that we are taking responsibility to bring a culture of love and truth to the student body.” – Jinil Fleischman, CARP UNLV President


The theme “Peace Starts with Me” was close to the hearts of the Las Vegas community because of the recent shooting at Mandalay Bay. The idea of peace was very comforting to professors and students alike.

Each of the professors who spoke were introduced at the event by a student who had a personal connection with them. The speakers all shared different stories about how they had pushed for peace in their lives.

CSN, Nov. 1st, 2017

The first event took place at CSN on Nov. 1. They had four speakers who presented in a packed classroom.

The first professor shared about how she grew up in a impoverished, immigrant family and how her community helped her find peace within herself, as a first step in supporting her dreams. She decided to share what she had learned by becoming a teacher.

The second professor shared about how to affect the environment instead of being affected. When asked, “what gets him up everyday?” he answered that every morning he thinks about all the people who believed and invested in him.

The third professor shared that peace is about genuinely giving more than what is expected. Through living for the sake of others, a ripple effect can be created.

The final professor was CARP CSN’s faculty sponsor. He introduced the term “SOS” to mean “Sacrifice Of Selfishness” as a way to create peaceful relationships. He encouraged the audience to practice selflessness in their daily life.

UNLV, Nov. 8th, 2017

UNLV also had four professors share their perspectives and wisdom on peace.

“I really enjoyed the event itself. My favorite part of it was seeing how happy the speakers were to be able to talk about the theme. Though professors have the opportunity to speak to young people a lot, they don’t often have the environment created to be able to share real wisdom like they did in the Campus Talk.

When they were given that opportunity, I could feel how much they care for all the students, and how they want to see all of us happy and successful, and becoming genuinely good people. I was grateful to hear a lot of good feedback from student who attended. In all, at the UNLV Campus Talk, we had nearly 60 guests who came. Not all of them stayed the entire time, but that’s how many people signed in.” – Jinil Fleischman

The first professor shared a personal story of loss and how he overcame his grief through choosing to digest the pain instead of being swallowed by it.

The second professor talked about his ancestors and all they went through to lay a foundation for him to be where he is and to be a positive influence on others.

The third professor shared about her undergrad project on recycling and how it helped UNLV. She shared how challenging it was to complete the project, but persevering allowed her to change her environment.

The fourth professor reminded everyone how blessed they are to live in a culturally diverse community and that by respectfully embracing and collaborating with each other, we can expand opportunities for all.


After the Event

A student that attended the event shared how he wished that there were more students who came because he had gained so much. Another student said there should be a class titled “Peace Starts with Me” to continue these insightful and real sharings.

A faculty member shared how giving this talk gave him hope for the future. He is excited about future collaborations he can do with students to further unite faculty and students. Other staff members were eager to share their own experiences at future events.

Many of the faculty members and students were grateful to CARP for creating this opportunity for dialogue and for organizing this event. CARP LV hopes to spread this initiative for peace and honest sharing throughout Las Vegas, the nation, and world.


“We want to see greater collaboration and synergy between professors and students. We want to see professors who are investing into students as leaders of the future. Not just into their academic and professional selves, but their character and heart.

We want to see professors feeling inspired and passionate to contribute to the vision of peace that CARP brings, and we want to see a student movement that stands for unity and peace. We want to make our Campus Talks an event that happens every semester that students are looking forward to!” – Jinil Fleischman

Great job, CARP Las Vegas!

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What’s up, CARP!


My name is Denthew Learey; I am 21 years old, and I am the Assistant Pastor of the Belvedere Family Community. I am not one that stands out in a crowd, so I have to compensate with my energetic, comical character.

I love sports. You will often find me on the Frisbee field,  ready to compete at the annual Blessed Cultural Sports Festival (BCSF), an annual sports and arts competition for the youth of the Unification Movement. I also love volleyball, but I make sure I take breaks from sports to enjoy endless hours behind a computer screen as well.

21167264_1632995436744697_1083011117224332167_oDenthew with his team at BCSF.

I am currently enrolled at a community college majoring in the prestigious field of Liberal Arts. I plan to transfer to a university and to continue developing myself, most likely to pursue Psychology and Theology. I would never describe myself as someone who is extremely goal-oriented and driven, but when the passion is uncovered, my will does shine forth and I will fight till the very end.

A Journey of Faith

When I was 16 years old, I began a journey of faith during a desperate prayer, intensely asking God what my purpose, my value, was. At that moment, I met God in the stars. Although shocked and stunned, the incredible warmth and love I felt is unforgettable.

My journey of faith had begun to truly understand the principles that we stand for and live by them.

22310442_1472673396147877_6444838607417311774_nDenthew and his family.

 As I became more confident in who I was, I began to spread my newfound inspiration to those around me and to share love I felt. I began guiding others on their journey of faith to overcome obstacles and to discover their values and beliefs, as had been done for me.  

IMG_0994Denthew leading service at his local church.

Along with my faith, my passion in learning and understanding the Divine Principle grew through the countless camps and workshops I have attended and staffed.  However, I experienced the most love and growth from my two years on European Special Task Force (STF), a gap year leadership training program.

For me, the Divine Principle (the spiritual text of the Unification Movement) was a real page-turner, and I was enraptured with every word. It just made so much sense. I do exaggerate a bit, but I honestly could see the value of really getting to know and understand the Principle and the truths it holds.


Moving Forward

I am here with CARP as a English intern. I am hoping to become better in expressing myself, whether it is through talking, activities, or even through being more organized (an area in my life that is sorely lacking), but especially through words.

I will be helping to write articles and posts to inspire and inform you about CARP and all our wonderful activities.

I will also take this opportunity to grow myself, and take this time in CARP to learn some useful tips and tricks in bettering myself, in smoothing out the rough edges, and in realizing my potential. Let’s go on this journey of growth together!

Before this becomes too long, and for you, the one person still reading this, I would like to personally invite you to reach out and talk. If you need help with anything or just want someone to be your friend, I am here for you! You can reach me at CIGlearey@gmail.com.

God Bless!

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CARP LA Discovers the Power of the Principle


CARP Los Angeles (LA) is one of the CARP ‘hubs,’ meaning there are several university chapters that coordinate and work together in a certain region. In Los Angeles, there are 6 registered chapters and one more chapter in development. Being in a hub allows them to share resources and best practices, as well as host workshops that may have been hard for one chapter to do on their own. 

From October 21-22, CARP LA held its first two-day Divine Principle Retreat with over sixty people! George Kazakos, a CARP alumnus, was the main presenter, speaking on the principles of creation and how we were meant to live as one family under God. 

Between lectures, team leaders facilitated discussions and activities that left participants inspired and motivated to continue to study the Principle as a way to develop themselves, love others, and make a positive impact. One new CARP member said that being in this environment made him realize, “this is where I’m supposed to be.”

IMG_6766 (1)


“Through the [lecture], I feel like I am beginning to understand the depth of God’s love and also sorrow.” – Fukuyoshi A.

“I was able to visualize and connect the principles to my life.” – Madoka T.

“I really enjoyed getting to know other CARP members from different chapters and getting to discuss and share about what we’re learning together.” – Ellen K.


“The highlight of this workshop was the environment we were in. I really felt so much energy and unity where everyone was on the same page.” – Kayun H.

“My highlight was feeling the energy while everyone sang together. You could feel God was in the room.” – Pedro D.


“The highlight for me was the discussion groups, because the [sharing from others] was very genuine and we were able to have an engaging conversation.” – Takahito K.

“My highlight was how much of a great time I had with my brothers and sisters.” – Gabriel J.


Inviting Special Guest Speakers

The next weekend, CARP LA also had the pleasure of hosting Rev. Nakamura, a CARP alumnus from Japan, who presented to many of the students at the Intercultural Exchange Trip to Japan and Korea this summer. Rev. Nakamura met with CARP chapter leaders and members, sharing his testimony as a CARP member in Japan and meeting Father Moon. He also gave lectures on Unification Thought.



“Today I really liked how he said that we should have 2 mottos–to consider yourself as an important figure, and to talk to God through pray. This inspires me to give it my all, even if something feels insignificant/small.” – Akane H.

“Through his the testimony, I felt how powerful and valuable the Principle is and how it can change many people’s lives.” – Karen T.


“From the testimony, I thought that the most important part was when Nakamura-san said that we should all understand that we are historical figures. Many times I think we forget the importance of our existence and we don’t believe the kind of impact we can have in the world. But I’m glad that I got to hear this because it reminded me of the importance of my existence.” – Takayo H. 


“Today’s lecture has really motivated me to become more intentional in thinking about God throughout the whole day, in every moment. This is definitely easier said than done because I am currently a college student, and it isn’t easy to stand up amongst the crowd.” – Kyosei N.

“The testimony about how Nakamura-san kept a humble attitude even in times of trouble or injustice – when he could have been indignant – really inspired me to take a breath and look at the situation and reflect on myself more.” – Mika M.


“When you are faced with intense negative emotions, you should not respond with negative emotions. For instance, when Christ was crucified, instead of responding with indignation or self-centered sorrow, he responded with care and understanding for the human race. I can apply this to my own life by trying to focus on the positive aspects of situations and be more understanding for the opposing side.” – Arnold C.

“I’ve learned so much and look forward to applying it into my daily life, guiding brothers and sisters, and into my foundation of faith in my relation with God.” – Jason H.

Share your stories and inspire others! Email jennifer@carplife.org

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CARP North Lake Dreams Big

 Contributed by Jennifer Pierce

22046797_895124057320267_391697688038800909_nWoojin speaking during their first CARP meeting this semester.

Meet Woojin Suina: 20 years old from North Lake College in Dallas, Texas. He graduated high school in 2015 and spent two years on a gap year program called Generation Peace Academy (GPA) doing service work and developing his faith.

Although he recently started college this fall, he serves as Vice President of his CARP chapter and expresses great hope for the future of CARP North Lake.

Getting Inspired

His inspiration to join CARP came from the Intercultural Exchange Trip to Japan and Korea during the summer. Being able to meet the co-founder of CARP, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, had an enormous impact on Woojin.

51005127Woojin with other trip participants in Busan, South Korea.

“When I saw [Mother Moon], I felt that by meeting us she was trying to tell us the importance [of CARP] and how much she has faith in us to change the culture on our campuses. That’s why I decided to join CARP.”

He was also inspired by the CARP chapters in Japan and Korea, particularly their endless dedication toward achieving their visions and goals. Woojin hopes to inherit that spirit and determination.

Inspiring a New Culture on Campus

Along with the other officers of CARP at North Lake College, Woojin envisions their CARP chapter being a community of people excited to serve others.

“I want to build a culture where we help others because we want to, and we have fun doing it.”

21368724_10209493007584512_5205535077179991993_oCARP North Lake’s kick-off BBQ event before school started!

Woojin recognizes his own growth through CARP. After attending GPA, Woojin was worried he would be disconnected from his faith when returning home and going to school. However, being involved in CARP helped keep  his faith alive.

“When I entered CARP and started doing CARP activities, I became excited by the Unification Principle. By studying it, I’ve gained a lot of insight about myself. Everything I’ve learned on GPA, I can apply in my life [through CARP]. It’s been really stressful because I have work and CARP and school, but I always keep my faith first wherever I go, and I feel more aligned and productive. Recently, I discovered what I want to do in my life. It’s been a really great experience.”

20729067_1450859214996512_5781514460655205278_oWoojin (left) with CARP Chapter President at North Lake College, Hiromi Iida (right).

CARP North Lake was started in fall semester of 2016 by Chapter President Hiromi Iida. Since Hiromi will be transferring next semester, Woojin is learning as much from him as possible as well as learning to gain support from other key members.

“I’m going to be left with two other leaders. I’m nervous, but my main motivation right now is to lay a good foundation for the future and attract [future leaders].”

North Lake also has several community supporters guiding and mentoring them.

Challenges and Victories

Woojin recognizes several challenges in CARP North Lake. Because of a significant number of Japanese exchange students and the tendency of them to speak Japanese to each other, the  language barrier excludes non-Japanese speaking members in the club. He wants to make more of an effort to be inclusive.

He also feels that there are some members who are involved in CARP because they feel obligated, due to their parents encouraging them to be there or because they feel it’s the right thing to do. He hopes that in the future they will feel inspired to help out.

22046858_895126120653394_3171924555156843777_nCARP North Lake’s first general meeting!

Despite these challenges, Woojin celebrated a few victories. Currently, CARP North Lake meets on Mondays at 3:30pm with about 20 students attending each week. About half of them are new members to CARP who joined after the Club Fair at the beginning of the semester.

21616006_892677330898273_2242584725557411010_nClub Fair at North Lake College!

Among their 20 members, one of them is the leader of the International Group Club on campus. He comes consistently and enjoys being in CARP. He wants CARP to be represented and work with the International Group in their event, the International Education Week. Woojin looks forward to and is excited about making more of an impact on campus through this collaboration.

22406303_903811186451554_3630762029650228015_nWoojin leads a team to fundraise.

To round out their members’ experience, CARP North Lake does events off campus as well. They fundraise for CARP every other month, and members who attended the fundraising days report having a powerful and moving experience with God.

Building and Getting Bigger

In the future, Woojin wants CARP North Lake to become a hub like CARP LA or CARP LV where the surrounding community is inspired by and attracted to CARP activities and events.

“My hope is to become something where everyone’s excited to be part of CARP, not because they feel welcome. I really want to create that kind of atmosphere.”

21751887_10209584782038816_3929690880028985515_nCARP North Lake’s Club Fair.

Woojin’s parting advice to newer chapters is to create unity and harmony with your community supporters.

“When I managed to unite with my [mentors], I was able to break through in my own faith, and also, the CARP chapter was able to make a breakthrough as well. When we came together, things started to change.”

Woojin’s story shows us that by going forward with courage and faith in a larger vision and dream, things can start to happen. Also, it’s a testament to reach out for support in your greater community. Great work, CARP at North Lake College!

Share your chapter’s story and inspire others! Send it to jennifer@carplife.org!  

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